Monday, 10 September 2012

'Mods: The New Religion' book by Paul 'Smiler' Anderson available to pre-order now

Paul 'Smiler' Anderson's book, 'Mods: The New Religion', that is scheduled for a February 2013 release, is now available to pre-order at Amazon and W H Smith for £24.95.

The write-up says, "Mod may have been born in the ballrooms and nightclubs around London but it soon rampaged throughout the country. Young kids soon found a passion for sharp clothes, music and dancing, but for some it was pills, thrills and violence. The original Mod generation tell it exactly how it was, in their very own words. First hand accounts of the times from the people who were actually on the scene. Top faces, scooterboys, DJs, promoters and musicians build up a vivid, exciting snapshot of what it was really like to be with the in-crowd. Packed with rare pictures, ephemera, art and graphics of the era. Featuring interviews with Eddie Floyd, Martha Reeves, Ian McLagan, Chris Farlowe and many more."

All you need to know, following Paul's excellent 'Expo' at Reading and previous book, is that this will be a 'must have' book for your Mod library. It's great to have a Mod book written by a Mod for a change, rather than those from outside of the scene who tend to have limited knowledge or their own view on things (and so, quite often, completely miss the point).

My copy is pre-ordered already - looking forward to February 2013. What are you waiting for???

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