Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Paul Weller: The world's in a really bad place

Last weekend Paul Weller played a secret gig for Amazon, Music-News.com can vouch that it was a scorcher too.

Billed as #AmazonFrontRow: The Secret Show 150 lucky Weller fans got the chance to see the Modfather in action at The Old Market in Hove. 

Speaking just prior to the show Paul talked about why he wanted to make new album (Saturns Pattern) an optimistic record. 

'There's nothing in the world to be optimistic about. That's the point I was trying to make for myself really. I think the world's in a really bad place, I can't think in my lifetime of it being worse on such a large scale, but I didn't want to make a record that reflected that, I wanted to make something that was joyful and made people feel good. Hopefully that comes over on the record.' 

On playing the Amazon Secret Gig he continued: 'We always get nervous, I've been nervous for 40 years or more. Whether it's a small gig or a big gig it doesn't make too much odds, it's the same nervousness. It wouldn't matter if it was two people, two hundred people or twenty thousand, because it's the moment of truth when you play live. It's only you and the audience, there's no hiding. Every time you go out to play you're always going out to prove yourself, you can't afford not to be nervous. Even though it's annoying at the time, nerves can be a good thing because nerves give you that extra little edge.'

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