Thursday, 28 May 2015

Vintage Style: Get ready to rock this town reports the Lancashire Telegraph

WE continue our look at the world of vintage fashion — whether you prefer retro, mod or new romantic.  

Among the terms that fly around in the world of vintage is the rockabilly look. It is a fun trend to try and can be easily achieved with a few key pieces. Key colour combination is red and black.  

Then there are: - 

Mod. The mods were a cultural group of the 1960s, opposed to the rockers and renowned for their clean-cut modern dressing. Mod clothing is very distinctive with miniskirts, scooter dresses and colour blocking for the girls, and slim-cut trousers, dapper shirts and pea-coats for the boys. The mod look is another of my absolute favourites.  

Flapper. After the First World War the flapper girl emerged with her short bobbed hair, fringed dress, long strands of beads and cloche hat. She was quite controversial and eyebrows and hemlines were raised. If you watched Downton Abbey, this is the kind of look that Rose wished she could wear at those jazz clubs in London.  

Hippy. The original hippies were the peace-sharing, free-loving movement of the 1960s. The hippy look is full of loose-fitting ethnic styles, natural fabrics, peasant blouses, maxi skirts and flowers in the hair. Psychedelic and tie-dye prints are a must.  

Disco. The disco clothing movement was born in the mid-1970s following the infamous Saturday Night Fever. Think bell-bottom trousers, spandex, polyester jumpsuits, hotpants and leotards plus lots and lots of sequins. And it is all teamed with big hair and bright palette make-up complete with the birth of the ultra glossy lips.  

New romantic. This was a short-lived fashion movement of the 1980s, heavily influenced by the mythical fantasy films of the time. Pop bands dressed in fancy clothes, played synthesised music and sang about love and heartbreak against glamorous backdrops.

There are many more terms but that little lot should keep you going for a while.

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