Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Punks on Scooters (The Bristol Mod Revival 1979-1985) - BOOK

Signed copy of the book by MW Salter with limited edition poster.

Like many young people in the mid 70s Michael Salter adopted punk as his protest against ‘no future’ politics, dreary chart music and the pomp and excess of prog rock. But as the punk sub-culture split and evolved, Salter and his friends moved away from the spiky haired shock tactics to the sharp-suited, 1960s retro-style of the mods.

The mod revival embraced the music of 60s bands such as The Who and created new acts such as The Jam and Secret Affair. It also saw the revival of scooter clubs across the country.

But as in the 60s when mods and rockers fought running battles, the mod revival was steeped in...  more

shipping out on or around October 1, 2016
edition of 50 

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