Friday 23 February 2024

Paul Weller to release new album, '66', on 24th May


CD Track listing: -

Disc 1

1.Ship of Fools

2.Flying Fish

3.Jumble Queen


5.My Best Friend's Coat

6.Rise Up Singing

7.I Woke Up

8.A Glimpse of You

9.Sleepy Hollow

10.In Full Light

11.Soul Wandering

12.Burn Out

Disc 2

1.Wheel of Fortune

2.In a Silent World

3.Now Is Here

4.Gotta Get On

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Free vinyl night at The Tap Music Bar, Grantham, this Friday 23rd February


'Sundays Got Soul' at Creepers, Nottingham - 3pm to 8pm sessions


BEGGAR - Nu Form Love EP (PICTURE DISC) 7" on Detour Records



Brings you their next release on the popular Picture Disc Series.

Released: FRIDAY 23rd FEBRUARY

There are many bands from the mod revival that never released a 45 single. Beggar being one of them, until now!

The band hailing from Mountain Ash in South Wales should’ve been huge with the sound they were producing, honest raw fast rhythm and blues with a hint of punk! Just perfect to grace the 79 sound, this with the soulful vocals from lead singer Bryn Gregory compliments the offering!

It would have been all too easy to put out a single of the two tracks which featured on the acclaimed live at the Bridge House LP but Beggar offer much more than that.

An earlier album also released by 'Detour' show cased the band with tracks that would blow you away, not only with the music but the lyrical content made the band stand out as accomplished artists within our genre proving that they could compete with the best the revival had to offer.

For those of you who never saw them play live, this release will make you kick yourself for not making the effort!

I love Beggar and I hope you like the four tracks I’ve chosen for this brilliant release. Nu form love / Have another drink / Modern man / Mindless doll.

I know which are my favourites .. .. What’s yours?


Alan May / The Glory Boy Mod Radio Show (6TR)


Nu Form Love

Have Another Drink

Modern Man

Mindless Doll

Plus delivery

'This Is Mod 1964-1968' to be released on 29th March by Ace Records


The Prisoners - 'A Taste Of Ink!' book now available to pre-order


The day is finally upon us – our book is now open for pre-orders…
You’ve hopefully seen the video we posted a few days ago so you’ve seen how great the book looks but here’s a few technical details:
- Letter Format 27.9 cm x 21.6 cm
- Softcover version 356 pages
- Hardcover version 386 pages (everything in the softcover plus another 30 pages of memorabilia)
- Inner pages 130 gsm paper weight
- Over 650 images, more than 380 of which are in colour
The book contains contributions from over 150 fans, who searched their dark and dusty drawers to find previously unseen memorabilia and photos. Around 80 of them sent us their stories and memories of the band. The stories and photos cover every stage of the band’s ‘career’, starting in 1979 when they were still called The Numbers, through appearing at venues like The Red Lion and M.I.C. all the way through to their most recent gig in Herne Bay last year.
If you're interested, please drop us a line at and we'll get back to you with full info about how to order.

Is Paul Weller about to announce a new album, '66', for release in May?


Friday 9 February 2024