Wednesday, 13 April 2022

MARK LE GALLEZ - Mark Two (GREEN VINYL) LP available via Detour Records






He's Back and what a blinder!!!

Over nearly 40 years later prolific singer songwriter and bassist, guitar player and multi instrumentalist MARK LE GALLEZ releases his follow up to MARK ONE. Mark is best known as bassist and singer with MOD/POWERPOP band THE RISK, also singing in garage psyche band THE SACRED HEARTS  and garage punk band THEE JENERATORS, and of course not forgetting mod/power pop band SPEAKEASY! also known for such alter egos as STEAMPUNK ARTISTE and general mischief maker THE CROWMAN and BABA GANOUSH rhythm and soul nutter. He has also played bass and guitar in skiffle turn THE JOHN WESLEY STONE. Mark has toured extensively played many many gigs and worked with quite a few, shall we say interesting people.

So why release the follow up now, well, to be honest had the time and energy a meeting in the pub in GUERNSEY and the help of long term multi instrumentalist, producer and engineer:


This release is a limited run of only 250 copies of high quality green vinyl. 10 tracks are featured and are basically a potted history of the man’s song writing and career over many years.

COLIN LEACH, Mark’s colleague and guitarist and singer from THE RISK produced the artwork and KERRIN SEARS did the photography, and yes the jacket still fits and is the same one worn on the original MARK ONE.













Plus delivery

Friday, 25 March 2022

Graham Day - 'The Master Of None' album released today by Acid Jazz Records


Countdown Records is proud to announce the return of Graham Day to their roster. Their relationship with Graham stretches back to 1986 when his renowned band The Prisoners released their album In From The Cold on the label.

Fronted by Graham on vocals and guitar, The Prisoners were a pioneering and inspirational 80s British garage band, who fused beat-era rock with R&B, American garage and psychedelia. A restless and independent spirit, Graham has released albums under many guises, including: Solarflares, Graham Day and The Forefathers, and current group, The Gaolers. He has also worked as a producer and long-time collaborator with fellow Kent coast musician Billy Childish, briefly playing drums in Billy’s group The Mighty Caesars and later bass in The Buff Medways.

Graham’s debut solo album ‘The Master Of None’ is more the result of circumstance than by design. Demoing songs for the third Graham Day and The Gaolers album, Graham’s plans were scuppered by lockdown – with a drummer based in the U.S. there was no real chance of recording the album in the foreseeable future. Despite his urgency as a writer, and reluctance to dwell on a song for too long, Graham set himself the challenge of trying to turn his Logic Pro X demos into an album-proper. Building each track up from scratch, he added bass guitar, Hammond and congas to the exciting vocal and electric guitar track, and the most challenging instrument of all, drums. These had to be played along to the demos, which were built on quantised computer drum tracks.

The resultant 12-track album is a remarkable achievement. It defies the fact it’s been pieced together, sounding more like a live studio album recorded by a full band. Packed full of great hooks, melodies, killer riffs and Graham’s gift for writing a short, sharp visceral garage-pop song, The Master Of None is one of his finest albums to date. Full of youthful exuberance it belies its creator’s years and is the sort of album younger garage bands would love to create.

Released 25th March 2022.

Thursday, 27 January 2022

Heavy Soul Records - NEW RELEASES and pre-order updates



This is the shit bit.... 

I have been in regular contact with the pressing plant and orders have now been put back by about two months. Smart Alec has arrived and the next one will be PH2 "1974" which many of you have kindly pre-ordered. This was due end of December, then end of January and now looks like end of MARCH!!!

This is purely down to the greed of companies like Universal etc who have basically booked all the pressing plants in Europe to fill HMV up with reissues of albums you can buy at a third of the price in your local second hand record shop.

I took a look in my local HMV and was shocked to see what mediocre LPs are being pushed out. When I last looked at the vinyl chart Fleetwood Mac were still #2 behind Adele!

Anyway, these are the reasons everything is taking so long. I profusely apologise for all of this and the plant are trying to get things to me earlier, but the next few releases are looking like this time-wise:

ROR139 PH2 "1974" 25/03

ROR140 REACTION "This Is Now, That Was Then" LP/CD 27/04

ROR141 THE CHORDS UK "21st Century Girl" 05/05

ROR142 PH2 "Urban Soul" 10/05

ROR143 THE TIMES "Patrick McGoohan" 15/05

ROR145 THE TIMES "Here Comes The Times... Vol 1" 27/06

ROR146 tba

ROR147 THE TIMES "Whatever Happened To Thamesbeat" 27/07

ROR148 tba

ROR149 tba 

THE SPITFIRES farewell show and final LP.


After 9 years and four incredible albums, The Spitfires have decided to call it a day on the eve of their final LP Play For Today (Acid Jazz Records).

 The original line up of Billy Sullivan, Sam Long and Matt Johnson will say goodbye to their loyal fans at Camden’s Electric Ballroom on Saturday 26th February 2022. 

STONE FOUNDATION announce a massive London concert with very special guests.


Stone Foundation announce their only London concert of 2022 at the newly re-opened Koko in Camden in support of the incredible new LP Outside Looking In.

 Very special guests will be announced shortly.

 The seeds of British modern soul band Stone Foundation were sown in the early ’90s when Neil Sheasby and Neil Jones met.

 Over the years they’ve collaborated with Paul Weller, Peter Capaldi, Bettye Lavette, William Bell, Nolan Porter, Graham Parker, Carleen Anderson, Mick Talbot, Kathryn Williams, Laville, Melba Moore, Hamish Stuart, Dr. Robert from the Blow Monkeys and many more.

Wednesday, 15 December 2021

PH2 to release 'Urban Soul' b/w 'Living In The Seventies' on 7" in March on Heavy Soul Records



"Urban Soul" / "Living In The Seventies"




The second single from the band consisting of ex-Purple Hearts BOB MANTON and JUST JEFF (plus the considerable talents of Kevin Iverson and Andy Huckstead) sees the band power-chording through  three and a half minutes of pure 'Hearts magic....... the pounding bass, feed-back guitar and driving drums not to mention Bob's magical vocal delivery make this another classic PH2 release

* please be aware pressing times are seriously mental at the moment, but this is the date I have been given

Paul Weller reveals to NME that he “caught the dreaded COVID” while on tour


Paul Weller has revealed that his recent UK tour was cut short after he contracted coronavirus.

The final three dates of Weller’s 2021 UK tour – which were due to run from December 3-5 in Norwich, Lincoln and Cambridge – were cancelled on December 3 after “a band member tested positive for COVID-19”.

“We are working hard to see if we can reschedule the shows and will share more information on that as soon as we possibly can,” an official statement read.

“This is obviously incredibly disappointing news for not just the fans but Paul and the whole team involved, but we need to follow the guidelines to keep everyone as safe as possible.”

Weller subsequently confirmed last week (December 8) that it was he who had tested positive for COVID-19.

“I was so, so disappointed to not be able to finish the rest of the shows,” he wrote on Twitter. “I caught the dreaded COVID so that was that!

“I hope we can reschedule the shows for next year. This tour was so great, we loved every show, it was so great to be out again and playing. Great set, band and crowd!

“I hope we can do it again next year. Let us hope for a better year ahead – Happy Holidays. Keep the faith, Love PW.”

Weller is set to resume touring in the UK in March, with dates continuing through to the end of April.

This week Weller announced new outdoor live dates for summer 2022 in Kent, Lincoln and Bedford.

THE KINKS Guitarist DAVE DAVIES's Autobiography, 'Living On A Thin Line', due next Summer reports Blabbermouth


According to The Bookseller, Headline will publish the upcoming autobiography from Dave Davies of THE KINKS.

Due in hardback and e-book in July 2022, "Living On A Thin Line" "will explore the glory days of the band, its legacy and the turbulent relationship" between Dave and his brother, and fellow THE KINKS co-founder, Ray Davies.

Dave Davies said: "I've had a laugh, and shed quite a few tears, thinking back over the last six decades since THE KINKS had our first hit in 1964 with 'You Really Got Me'. Here are the ups and downs of my life in THE KINKS and what happened afterwards. Prepare to be amazed and, I hope, surprised."

Dave Davies is a musician who needs little introduction. As a founding member of legendary rock group THE KINKS, his guitar sound, unique style and songwriting has shaped the landscape of rock and pop music across generations. A pioneering rock guitarist who singlehandedly changed rock and roll when he sliced his little green Elpico amp speaker with a razor blade, creating the first heavy metal guitar tone and riff. This revolutionary guitar sound propelled THE KINKS into stardom with the global smash hits "You Really Got Me" and "All Day And All Of The Night", followed by numerous other classics over the next decades.

"As lead guitarist and co-founder of THE KINKS, Dave Davies is one of the most unpredictable and original forces in rock," enthuses writer Bill Crowley. "His distinctive guitar style went on to have major impact on several key guitar-rock styles, including heavy metal and punk. A Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee, Dave's massive guitar sounds have inspired bands from VAN HALEN to GREEN DAY."

PH2 to continue despite losing 2 band members

Jeff says, "Sad news today that unfortunately Kevin Iverson Jnr and Andrew Hucksted have decided to leave PH2 ...and continue with their own musical path..

Bob/ Robert John Manton and myself thought about our options and as we're loving it so much we have decided that the show must and will go on.

So its going to be hard to replace the guys but lets just say...


have faith guys n gals we will continue..."

The Spitfires call it a day


Paul Weller and more in the new Uncut

MARK LE GALLEZ - Mark Two (GREEN VINYL) LP available via Detour Records