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Dr Feelgood and Nine Below Zero double-bill on 6th December at Cambridge Junction

Canvey Island heroes Dr Feelgood will be joined by Nine Below Zero for a festive R&B double-bill at The Junction, Cambridge, on 6th December.

The subject of Julien Temple’s recently, hugely acclaimed film Oil City Confidential, Dr Feelgood were renowned for their British R&B sound based around Wilko Johnson’s distinctive choppy guitar.

Singer Lee Brilleaux died in 1994, and neither Johnson, original bassist John “Sparko” Sparks or drummer John Martin are involved in the current set-up. But two of the band date back as far as 1983, and vocalist Robert Kane has clocked up more than 1,000 shows as frontman, so there’s no doubt Dr Feelgood 2013 are the real deal.

South London bluesmen Nine Below Zero were formed in 1977 by guitarist/singer Dennis Greaves. He’s still at the helm of the 2013 model, along with original singer/harmonica player Mark Feltham.

Tickets for the Junction show are available from (01223) 511 511 and

Thursday, 28 November 2013

“Mod-tastic party at Pretty Green” says Diana McCormick

“Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green store in Covent Garden hosted a party to celebrate its new S/S 2014 menswear and tailoring collection on Wednesday, but who needs an excuse for a party? Swagger and northern lilt were optional.

The label is very much focused on the mod look; it is stylish but with a bit of that Mancunian attitude we all remember from the 90s. For every-day wear there is the Green Label , a casual range with signature pieces such as the polo shirt. For something a bit smarter the Black Label offers classic British tailoring.

Former Charlatans front-man Tim Burgess took to the decks to get things moving, but the climax of the evening saw singer-songwriter Eugene McGuinness perform an acoustic set whilst guests swigged on beer and checked out the clothes.

It was clear from the evening’s turn-out that the label has a strong mod following, and this was reflected in the numerous Paul Weller doppelgängers who attended in force.

The label has also collaborated with Jamie Hewlett (co-creator of virtual band Gorillaz), and the Teenage Cancer Trust to produce three limited edition t-shirts to raise money for the charity. The designs depict classic guitar poses and plays on Pretty Green’s rich musical heritage.

Even if you’re not a fan of Liam’s style, the brand still has some elegant and classy menswear which might just leave you thinking definitely maybe.”

The Hideaway Club & The Nu Beat Club - A Busy Night In Manchester on Saturday 30th November!!!

B.B. King ‘The Christmas Collection’ CD

Record Label: MCA Records (USA)


 Track 1: Please Come Home for Christmas

 Track 2: Lonesome Christmas

 Track 3: Back Door Santa

 Track 4: Christmas In Heaven

 Track 5: I'll Be Home For Christmas

 Track 6: To Someone That I Love

 Track 7: Christmas Celebration

 Track 8: Merry Christmas Baby

 Track 9: Christmas Love

 Track 10: Blue Decorations


“Ocean Colour Scene prove they can still cut it after all these years”, says Jeremy Casey of the Northampton Chronicle & Echo

“From the moment Steve Cradock picked out the sizzling opening notes from the rollicking 100 Mile High City, the crowd at the Bedford Corn Exchange knew they were in for a good night watching one of the UK’s most consistent, and brilliant, live bands.

Birmingham five-piece Ocean Colour Scene were playing the first night of their Marchin Already UK tour, and a big crowd turned out expecting to hear plenty of hits and classic album tracks, and they weren’t disappointed.

This tour is a celebration of the band’s 1997 number one album, Marchin Already, which was the follow up to their breakthrough Brit-pop LP Moseley Shoals from two years previous.

The mid-to-late 90s was a time when OCS were at the peak of their creative and commercial powers, and it was a treat in the first half of the show at Bedford to hear the Marchin Already album played in its entirety (well, almost - the instrumental workout All Up was left out, but we’ll let that go).

In this day and age of the digital download and streaming, the thought of sitting down, putting an album on and listening to it from start to finish will be a completely alien concept to most people, say, under 30.

But I, thankfully, grew up in an era when the album was king, and I can still remember going to the shop (Spinadisc), buying a copy of Marchin Already and playing it the whole way through. And then doing it again, And again. I loved it, and still do.

Every song got into my psyche, every tune got into my mind and has stayed there - and it was great to hear the likes of 100 Mile High City, the fantastic Travellers Tune (one of my all-time favourite songs), the anthemic Better Day and It’s a Beautiful Thing, and the simple, but almost perfect, Foxy’s Folk Faced.

For anybody who hasn’t seen OCS play live, they are an excellent band, but there are probably three main star elements.
The first is the frontman, Simon Fowler, who may not be the best orator when talking to the crowd in between tracks, indeed he is a bit of a mumbler, but when he sings he gets his message across loud, clear, and in his own distinctive style.

The second star element is lead guitarist Cradock, who has stayed loyal to OCS despite his long association with Paul Weller, and now a blossoming solo career (he has just released his third album), and clearly loves playing with the band.

I have seen Cradock play many times, but usually from a bit of a distance, but I braved standing at the front for the Bedford gig (for as long as my ears could take it at least!) and it was a pleasure to be stood no more than five or six yards from him. He is such a fantastic guitarist, reeling off riff after riff, and lick after lick, as if it is the most natural thing in the world.


It was a pleasure to watch a master at work - even if my ears are bleeding this morning!

And the third star element of OCS, and possibly the most important, is the songs - and OCS have got a lot of very, very good ones.

Once they had played Marchin Already - including a first live airing for album track Tele He’s Not Talking - the band returned for a second half, when they played some oldies (The Circle, Profit In Peace, The Riverboat Song) and some newies from this year’s LP Painting (yes, they are still making records, 24 years after forming - and pretty good ones too), and it was clear from the reaction of the crowd, that some of those songs made up some of the soundtrack of their lives.

Fowler returned for a solo encore of live favourite Robin Hood, before the whole band returned to finish the gig off with perhaps their best known song, the superb The Day We Caught The Train - and I am sure every member of the 1,000-strong crowd sang along!

It was a great way to wrap up the 23-track gig, and although OCS may not be making number one albums, or be being played all over the radio airwaves as they were in their pomp - this gig proves they are still a class act.

And anybody who goes to watch them live on this tour, or any time in the future, won’t be disappointed.”

Ocean Colour Scene, Bedford Corn Exchange, Tuesday, November 26

Setlist - Part one: Hundred Mile High City, Better Day, Travellers Tune, Big Star, Debris Road, Besides Yourself, Get Blown Away, Tele He’s Not Talking, Foxy’s Folk Faced, Spark And Cindy, Half A Dream Away, It’s A Beautiful Thing.

Part two: The Riverboat Song, Painting, So Low, Profit in Peace, Weekend, This Day Should Last Forever, It’s My Shadow, One For The Road, The Circle.

Encore: Robin Hood, The Day We Caught The Train

'Now You Has Jazz!', Brighton - Friday 13th December

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

'Big Bill Broonzy - The Man Who Brought The Blues To Britain' - BBC Four at 9pm on Sunday 1st December

Back To Zero to play Stoke-on-Trent on 15th February 2014

Win a John Smedley £500 Shopping Spree & A Gift Hamper With Care Products!

"At John Smedley we take pride in producing fine gauge quality knitwear that is made in England. We also take pride in our Derbyshire roots where we have been knitting for 229 years. With this in mind we wanted to do something a little special. We are offering one lucky customer the chance to win a Gift Hamper, complete with Care Products & £500 to spend on our online store."

The competition closes on December 10, 2013 at 12:00 pm GMT.

18 Photos Of 60s London Streetstyle

Rock photographer Ethan Russell opens exhibit of his images Sunday in Carmel says the Monterey Herald

Ethan Russell is the only rock photographer to have shot album covers for the Big 3 of British rock: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who.

If he only did that he would be considered one of the great rock photographers of all time. But Russell, who has roots in Carmel Valley, has had a long and rich history not only photographing iconic rock figures, but also as a pioneering video director and book author.

Russell will be in attendance when an exhibit of his photographs over the years, "Ethan Russell: The Best Seat in the House," opens Sunday afternoon at the Winfield Gallery in Carmel.

As an added bonus, 20 per cent of any purchases made during the opening will benefit Youth Arts Collective, a Monterey Peninsula-based non-profit arts organization that mentors high school and college-age artists.

Russell was at the disastrous Altamont Speedway concert with the Rolling Stones during its 1969 American tour. He shot the "Let It Be" cover for the Beatles and was on the rooftop for their final concert. He took the controversial cover image for The Who's classic album "Who's Next," and received an Grammy nomination for his work on the band's "Quadrophenia" album.

Russell was one of three photographers at the final formal photo session of the Beatles in August 1969 and he also directed the last video with John Lennon the week before he was murdered.

His early career coincided with a cultural storm of music, art, politics, civil rights, power, change, and evolution that reshaped the world and became the collective story of a generation.

But Russell shot more than the great triumverate. His list of subjects includes Jerry Lee Lewis, Phil Everly, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, The Moody Blues, Cream, Traffic, Eric Clapton, Linda Ronstadt, John Hiatt, Rickie Lee Jones, Audioslave and Rosanne Cash.

Later in his career he switched gears and added video director to his résumé. He produced and directed films with, among others, Leon Redbone, Rickie Lee Jones, Emmylou Harris, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, k.d. lang, Rosanne Cash, Hank Williams Jr. and Randy Travis, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

In addition to all that Russell is the author of three books: "Dear Mr. Fantasy," "Let It Bleed: The Rolling Stones 1969 U.S. Tour" (in both a 400-page collector's edition with 600-plus images and a 256-page trade edition) and "Ethan Russell: An American Story," an ebook.

"Let It Bleed" prompted the London Sunday Times to proclaim: "You think you've seen all there is to see of the Rolling Stones. You haven't. Ethan Russell's photographs reveal a completely different side to the band — relaxed, unguarded and light years away from any rock-star posturing. The only way you'd get closer would be to join them on tour."

And members of the Stones and the Who were effusive in their praise for Russell.

"It struck me that his was no ordinary eye, and I found out no ordinary mind behind it," said Keith Richards of the Stones. "A quiet thoughtful man with a blinding vision. Enjoy his work. I do."

And: "His contributions were poetic and dramatic. His photographs were what I would call 'fine': they felt like the classics of Paul Strand. They look ready to put up in the National Gallery. As an artist himself, Ethan is the civilized eye on an uncivilized art-form: rock 'n' roll," said Who guitarist Pete Townsend.

In addition to "Let It Be" and "Who's Next," his photos have been used on the covers "Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)" and "Get Yer Ya-Yas Out! The Rolling Stones in Concert," The Who's 1988 compilation album, "Who's Better, Who's Best" and Linda Rondstadt's "Hasten Down the Wind."

And, in addition to his Grammy nomination for his work on "Quadrophenia," Russell received his second Grammy nomination for the video "There's A Tear In My Beer" by Hank Williams Jr.

Russell will also host a multi-media presentation, which he calls "The Live Show" that includes almost 400 photographs, stories, music and a Q&A, at Carmel's Sunset Centre on Feb. 8, 2014.GO!

45 Years Ago: The Kinks Release ‘Village Green Preservation Society’ by Bryan Wawzenek

‘The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society’ was both ahead of and behind the times when the British rockers released the album in November 1968. A critical success, but commercial disappointment at the time, the ‘Village Green’ LP eventually became the Kinks’ bestselling studio album, prompting frontman Ray Davies to once refer to it as “the most successful flop of all time.”

Davies got the idea for a concept record about small-town life when the Kinks recorded the song ‘Village Green’ in 1967 during the sessions for ‘Something Else by the Kinks.’ The rural snapshots seemed to capture his imagination; he wrote insightful and engaging songs about memories, nostalgia, eccentric village characters and acceptance, or rejection, of the changing times. The result was the audio equivalent to the scrapbook Davies sings about in ‘Picture Book.’

The sounds of the ‘Village Green’ album matched its subject matter: folksy and baroque, with an emphasis on acoustic strumming and symphonic arrangements. Most of the orchestral sounds heard on the LP were courtesy of legendary session man Nicky Hopkins playing the Mellotron. Although the Kinks’ “pinky in the air” approach was an extension of recent hits like ‘Autumn Almanac’ and ‘Days’ (the latter was actually recorded during the ‘Village Green’ sessions), when all of these songs were placed together, the album suggested a band that was out of step with the late ’60s. Even reviewers who heaped praised on ‘Village Green Preservation Society’ couldn’t help but shake their heads at a group that was looking backward while war protesters were obsessed with the present and hippies were dreaming of a future.

But is this why ‘Village Green Preservation Society’ failed to connect with rock fans at first? Didn’t the back-to-basic approach of the Band and Paul McCartney’s dance hall obsessions sound just as antiquated in 1968? Maybe the album’s initial failure also can be blamed on the lack of a strong single. ‘Starstruck’ was the only one released from the LP. One can’t help think that the title track or ‘Picture Book’ would have been a better choice.

Regardless, the album (which Davies wanted to turn into a double LP, but settled on a 15-track single record) marked the end of an era for the band. It became the first Kinks LP to not chart in the U.K. and appeared to slam the door on any future commercial ambitions in their home country. Things were not as dire in the U.S., where the album came out in January 1969, even though it remains the only original Kinks album to fail to graze the U.S. charts. ‘Village Green’ also was the last time the founding Kinks members would record together (bassist Pete Quaife left the band in early 1969).

But ‘Village Green Preservation Society’ would live on in many ways. Davies, pleased with the results if not the public’s reaction, would continue his efforts with two more ‘Preservation’ albums, and he considers them a trilogy. The LP would become a well-respected album as time passed, landing spots of “Greatest Albums Ever” lists and inspiring hordes of indie rockers in the process.

'A Very Vintage Christmas' at Uttoxeter Race Course on 7th & 8th December

The Blades to play Olympia Theatre on 13th & 14th December

Digmas at The Custard Factory, Birmingham - 10am to 6pm on Saturday 14th December

The Exploding Bubble Club, Birmingham - Saturday 7th December

Mousetrap R'n'B Allnighter - 30th November

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

“Late Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes to appear on new album” reports the BBC

The surviving members of indie band The Charlatans have vowed to include drummer Jon Brookes on their new album by using recordings he made before his death.

Brookes died in August at the age of 44 as a result of a brain tumour.

"He has left us a lot and we can piece together a few things," the band's singer Tim Burgess told BBC 5 live's Phil Williams.

Brookes had battled the tumour since suffering a seizure on tour in 2010.

"We have got one song and we think that it is fantastic," said Burgess.

"That to me is the starting point and it is the first time we have really agreed on a song completely in quite a long time.

"This particular one can feature Jon's drumming. The album will feature Jon, even songs that aren't written will include Jon in the writing. He's just going to be part of it."

The full interview will be broadcast on Williams' show at 22:30 GMT on Tuesday.

The Charlatans' new album will be the band's 12th studio release and will be the follow-up to 2010's Who We Touch.

Formed in the West Midlands in 1989, the band have had more than 20 UK Top 40 hits, including The Only One I Know, Can't Get Out Of Bed and One To Another.

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings return to play their first UK shows in over two years at The Roundhouse in North London. This will be the bands only UK show on their European tour.

Countdown Books to release Quadrophenia title - A visual story of Britain’s greatest ever youth film.


Almost Grown - Friday 6th December

The London International Ska Festival - Easter 17 - 20 April 2014

The 10th Legendary Club Rude! Xmas Party – 7.30pm on Wednesday 11th December

DJ’s Smiler, Keith, Dan and Jim bring you: -

Basically an evening of scorching early Reggae, Modybody R&B, Soulful Vibes, Juicy Jazz, and Succulent Ska all played to entice the Hip People, Movers and Shakers …and if they can’t make it…then the usual Rude! Regulars.

Expect the usual fantastic quiz (usually with prizes poached from the Acid Jazz Xmas Party!) free food (mince pies, cakes, sausage rolls etc.) and possibly the usual free CD (time permitting).

Monday, 25 November 2013

The London International Ska Festival - Tuesday 31st December

Thelonious Monk concert, ‘Paris 1969’, released on CD/DVD & Vinyl by Blue Note Records

Nottingham Post Review: The Rifles, Rock City

Chingford four-piece The Rifles fired off round after round of indie rock ammunition at Rock City on Saturday night.

With their original lineup reunited and fourth album None the Wiser on the way in early 2014, the band gave it both barrels with Jamesque three-minute bursts of cheap-lager-can-in-the-air singalongs (lead singer Joel Stoker even has the Paul Weller haircut to show off his mod credentials with).

They're far from the first outfit to perfect indie by numbers but they've become something of a cult band since their 2006 debut, despite guitar bands once again seeming to be going the way of the dinosaur.

After an explosive opening, two of the quartet of Rifles take a breather as Stoker and guitarist Lucas Crowther play a trio of acappella numbers before they return to their default setting of loud and fast beery bullets.

The stripped back acoustic interlude is something of a speciality for The Rifles, having released two strictly guitar-only albums, and their party piece breaks up the set nicely before they go out with a bang in a swift two-song encore.

Indie rock bands haven't been outmoded long enough for this to be called some sort of revival but The Rifles are keeping the candle burning and they were certainly on target here.

Lenton pub (Notts) the Three Wheatsheaves transforms into a scene from the 60s for a music video shoot

A NOTTINGHAM pub was transformed into a scene from the 60s as part of a music video shoot.

Lauren Lovejoy, 24, of Gamston, was at the Three Wheatsheaves, in Derby Road, shooting her first ever music video for her new track Dontcha Go.

The singer, who describes herself as a “blues soul” artist, co-wrote her new song with music writer and producer Jorden Milnes.

Lauren said: “So many people have turned up, I can’t believe all this is happening. I am really pleased with all the support. I am hoping the music video will do really well on the TV and come out a success.”

Lauren, who has been a professional singer since the age of 21, already has two singles out called Broken and Born, but Dontcha is her first big release.

She decided to theme the music video around the 60s - an era Lauren loves - and was even joined on set by 50 Mods on scooters and vintage cars.

Some of the riders, from The Nottingham Crusaders scooter club, were invited to participate in the video after hearing it was going to take place in the pub, where they meet on a weekly basis.

Lauren - who has been likened to Macy Gray and Shirley Bassey - added to the 60s theme by donning a massive beehive hair do, and wearing a black and white dress typical of the era.

Jorden, who met Lauren a few years ago through her partner Phil, said he believes the singer could “make it big”.

Jorden, owner of Silver Street Productions, said: “Lauren has a unique voice. I will get the video plugged to all the music stations. I know the track will get a lot of radio play. I think she could make it big, she is doing all of the right things.”

Lauren’s mum, Marilynn, of Arnold, went along to the shoot this morning, November 23, to show her support.

Marilynn said: “It is exciting, she has worked very hard. It is amazing to see it all come together. Lauren didn’t really realise she had a voice until she was about 15 when she joined a friend on stage at the end of school concert and sang Moon River. I had goosebumps.”

Glen Allen, owner of the Three Wheatsheaves, said : “It is nice to be able to use the pub for something else other than drinking. The Nottingham Crusaders scooter club meet here every Wednesday so the Mods are fitting with the theme. Lauren is a very good singer.”

The music video is set to be released at the start of next year.

Paul Weller & Gaz Coombes for Save The Children's Christmas Tree Sessions

Paul Weller and former Supergrass frontman Gaz Coombes are both set to perform at this year's Christmas Tree Sessions for Save The Children.

The special charity gig will take place at London's Union Chapel on December 5 and will also see appearances from Lanterns On The Lake, The Moons and Will Heard. BBC Radio 6 Music DJ Lauren Laverne has curated the event, which see artists backed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra alongside readings from Caitlin Moran and comedians Chris Addison, Dom Joly and Peter Serafinowicz.

Proceeds from the evening will go to the charity's Syria Crisis Appeal. For more information and ticket details visit  

Meanwhile, one of this year's performers - Gaz Coombes - has previously said that he currently has 'no interest' in a Supergrass reunion, but added: "Who knows what I'll say in five years?" The musician released his debut solo album, 'Here Come The Bombs' in May 2012.

Button Up to play 'Zoo Zoo' at The Blues Kitchen on Friday 29th November.

Friday, 22 November 2013

‘Motown Rhythm & Blues '59-'62’ on Vinyl [Limited Collector's Edition]

Product Description

A Deluxe 16 track limited edition 12" vinyl set (only 500 pressed), essential listening for lovers of 50s & 60s raw R&B. Comes with free bonus tracks download code. Motown Rhythm & Blues '59-'62 (Vee-Tone Records VTRLP2031) - Berry Gordy Jr. founded the now legendary Motown Records in January 1959 with an $800 Dollar loan from his family. He went on to create one of the most successful record labels in music history, introducing the world to the musical talents of Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Four Tops, The Temptations, Mary Wells, The Supremes, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas to mention but a few. Gathered together here on this stunning deluxe collector's 12" vinyl edition are 16 slices of raucous Rhythm & Blues that showcase the foundations of what went on to become the 'Motown Sound'. This Mark Lamarr compiled collection covers the period between 1959 and 1962 and features 45s originally released on Motown and sister labels Tamla, Miracle and MEL-O-DY. From screaming Rhythm & Blues to Doo Wop ballads it's all here in superb sound quality, switch on the turntable, line up the tone arm and prepare to be blown away...... "That's What I Want".

ModFest 2014 “is a celebration of what it is to be a Mod” – Brighton Racecourse from 3rd to 4th May.

"We will be covering all aspects of modernism: lifestyle, fashion, literature, cinema, art and, of course, music – with top live acts and incredible DJ sets.

The festival is not just a revivalist weekend but looks forward while respecting what has gone before. This is why our choice of bands, film and art is a mixture of established and new talent. This is shown on our main stage where established acts like Steve Ellis’ Love Affair rubs shoulders with upcoming stars like The 45s. New bands will be given a chance on our Carnaby Street stage and while our DJ line up is headlined by Norman Jay, MBE and Eddie Piller, new DJs can show their skills during open deck sessions.

Our philosophy is carried through to our cinema. We’re delighted that Rita Tushingham will be with us to introduce such classics as The Knack…And How To Get It and A Taste of Honey and take questions. But we’re also proud that we’ll be showing Lee Cogswell’s Keep On Keepin On – a marvellous film about Nolan Porter’s tour with Stone Foundation followed by a discussion with Stone Foundation.

The incredibly talented Pete McKee will be bringing his A Month Of Sundays gallery to Brighton and will be with us all weekend, giving a talk on British subcultures.

And there’s so much more to be announced. Author talks and signings, fashion shows, Scooter Competition and run, our “Dress Handsome Sunday” competition.

And more bands to be announced – including our headliners.

We have chosen Brighton Racecourse as our venue because we can create an intimate atmosphere despite the scope of the event.

Our main stage is situated trackside and everyone is guaranteed an amazing view from the grandstand opposite. Even better – if it rains the grandstand is covered so you’ll stay dry while enjoying our fantastic line-up of live bands and DJs.

Inside the grandstand you will find our very own Carnaby Street with excellent shops, bar, food and more music. Outside you can ride the waltzer or have a go on the coconut shy at our old-fashioned fun fair.

We’re very proud to have Gladness, the Madness beer from the Growler Brewery as our guest beer – served by our fez-wearing bar staff. You can also visit our Champagne, Oyster and Seafood Bar. If you all you want is a burger and a beer – don’t worry, every taste is catered for when it comes to food and drink."

Weller and Brookes charity jam raises thousands for hospice

Steve Brookes, ex-guitarist with The Jam, held a charity gig where Paul Weller made a surprise appearance. More than £4,300 was raised for Woking Hospice at an intimate charity gig where The Jam's former guitarist, Steve Brookes, had a surprise guest in Paul Weller.

Fans travelled from as far as Scotland to the HG Wells Conference & Events Centre in Woking on Saturday November 9, for a real evening of firsts as Brookes recounted tales of the legendary band’s formation in the town.

He spoke fondly of the first gigs they played and the support they had from the late John Weller, father of the Modfather. And as Brookes stood on stage, reading excerpts from his book Keeping the Flame, the audience was taken on a truly nostalgic ride of Woking’s most famous musical tales.

Brookes, who himself supported Weller at a Woking Hospice gig in 2010, told his memories as a true storyteller, with delight and sadness at times too, mixed in with some beautifully sung versions of unheard songs and stories of white bomber jackets and white shoes.

From getting his first six-string acoustic guitar along with a Bert Weedon songbook, to meeting Weller as pupils at Sheerwater Comprehensive School and practising their tunes in Paul’s bedroom at his Stanley Road home, it was a memorable evening to be part of.

Brookes was backed by a screen filled with memorabilia - scribbled songs written in lined exercise books, the band’s first business card (The Jam (Rock & Roll Group) Dances, Parties etc. Tel Woking 64717) and a newspaper cutting showing them meeting the deputy governor of HMP Coldingley in Bisley, where they played a Sunday afternoon cabaret gig alongside two drag artists and a country and western singer.

Speaking to the crowd, which included Weller’s mother Ann and sister Nicky, Brookes said: “Paul said he had an electric guitar and an amp and I was itching to have a go. Soon after this Paul invited me for tea. “In his bedroom at Stanley Road there was a bed, a wardrobe, which contained his electric guitar and amp, a record player and a chest of drawers full of records. “It was when I first met Ann, John and Nicky Weller. They made me very welcome and I felt the warmth of their house and John gave me a lift home to Byfleet. “I felt a welcome part of the new family I had met.”

Brookes spoke of the guitar lessons he and Weller had thanks to Ricky Smith, who worked at Maxwell’s Music Shop in Woking. And he even told the tale of their first live gig being in a music room at Sheerwater School in the early summer of 1972, before a mostly female audience. “To say that we were nervous was a bit of an understatement,” Brookes recalled.

There was even the chance to hear recordings of a young Weller singing his versions of tunes including Elvis Presley’s Blue Suede Shoes and Neil Sedaka’s Oh! Carol.

Whispered rumours that the Modfather was in the venue were confirmed when a cardigan-clad Weller walked out from behind display boards at the side of the stage and grabbed his guitar, ready to play four duets with his friend and former bandmate.

The audience was a little in shock, but also in absolute delight to see the pair come together and jam so close to the iconic Stanley Road.

The four-song set started with Buddy Holly’s Well All Right, then the crowds sung along to How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) by Marvin Gaye, Things We Said Today by The Beatles and Bye Bye Love, by The Everly Brothers.

A couple of days afterwards, Brookes said: “It was great to enjoy a nostalgic night of memories from a very special time in my life, it meant a lot to have the Weller family there and of course to do the old duo thing with Paul.

“I hope it filled in a few gaps for people who wanted to know about the early days of The Jam from someone who was actually there.

"I really appreciated the fantastic support from a relatively small crowd who dug deep to give us a great result for Woking Hospice.”

“Paul Weller's son facing police investigation” reports The Daily Express

“PAUL WELLER's eldest son is facing a police probe over allegations he was involved in a spat during a night out in London this week (beg18Nov13).

Musician/model Natt Weller, 25, who has previously been linked to Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen, is suspected of involvement in a clash with a fellow partygoer at an event in Shoreditch, east London on Tuesday night (19Nov13).

Police have confirmed they are investigating the claim. A police statement reads, "Officers are investigating an allegation of assault on Shoreditch High Street on Tuesday. The victim did not require hospital treatment and there have been no arrests."

Natt's mother is Weller's ex-wife and former backing singer Dee C. Lee.”

Boogaloo Club - 10th Anniversary Party on 30th November

“The MODel-father! Paul Weller and daughter Leah are picture perfect as they strut their stuff in high-fashion shoot” says The Daily Mail

“There aren't many father daughter duo's several decades apart in age that are cool enough to be asked to model a collection together.

But when your father is the original Modfather, and your mother sung with two of the biggest bands in 80's pop culture, it would be difficult not to inherit some of their style.

Paul and Leah Weller were pictured shooting a new collection for British heritage brand Daks on Thursday. Leah is the 22-year-old daughter of rock star Paul Weller of The Jam and Dee C Lee, who was a backing vocalist for Wham! and the band they played in together, The Style Council.

The brunette beauty was spotted modelling a two tone knee length mac, the top half was a rusty red which complimented the traditional beige of the bottom of the coat.

Outside of the connection to her famous father, Leah is a successful model in her own right, having graced the covers of Vogue and Tatler, and is signed to Next Model Management.

Paul could be seen modelling a grey check suit, paired with a white polo neck and white handkerchief tucked into the breast pocket which polished off his smart look perfectly.

Daks is a high quality tailoring brand which was founded in London in 1936. The British brand have chosen the fashionable family duo to front the brand's Spring Summer 14 collection to mark the 120th anniversary of their brand.

Channel luxe sophistication like Leah Weller

When you've got a rock legend as a father, you're bound to have fashion and style ingrained in your very being. And for Leah Weller, this much is true as she and dad Paul joined forces to shoot a campaign for British label Daks.

Modelling pieces from the Spring Summer 2014 collection, Leah looked stunning as she posed and strutted on the streets of Brighton. But it was this black and check dress that really caught our eye.

Fresh of the catwalk, Leah, we are to believe, is the first celebrity to wear this dress. And doesn't it look great on her? Cinched in at the waist to give her curves, midi length which is bang on trend, and that gorgeous blouse top half which makes it super luxury.

Daks, a heritage British brand, are famed for their amazing tailored pieces, especially coats and jackets. This check of Leah's dress is also a signature print for the House.

This dress is super smart and sophisticated, and we've picked some other dresses that are similar below (this one won't be available to buy until early next year).

'A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector' Marks Its 50th Anniversary


In 1963, Phil Spector released his first and only Christmas album, A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector. The album, in which he incorporated his legendary Wall of Sound into Christmas standards using his roster of popular artists from his Philles label, marks its 50th anniversary this month. The album has become a Christmas classic. In fact, it is often cited as Beach Boy Brian Wilson’s favorite album of all time. The album features vocal performances from The Crystals, The Ronettes, Darlene Love, Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans.

First released on November 22, 1963, the same day that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the album did not fare well and peaked at No.13 on Billboard magazine’s special year-end, Christmas Albums sales chart. Its low ranking was in part due to a moratorium placed on rock music during this time of national mourning. Spector adored President Kennedy and had even visited the Kennedy White House. With the whole world in mourning, Spector himself concluded that this was no time to promote a merry Christmas album, and pulled his masterpiece from the marketplace. Original pressings are scarce and collectible today.

However, the album eventually became a seasonal radio favourite especially after its reissue on Apple records in 1972, peaking at No. 6 on Billboard magazine’s special year-end Christmas Albums sales chart, its highest chart ranking ever. It grew in popularity and eventually, 50 years later, it is considered to be a seasonal favourite. Several of its tracks have become iconic Christmas songs for generations, most notably, Darlene Love’s "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)," which ironically was the first single released in 1963.

A Christmas Gift for You also occupies a special place in rock history because it marked the first time that teenagers were able to study the names of the players who worked on many of Spector’s productions at Gold Star Studios. Known behind the scenes as “The Wrecking Crew,” many of these names became established artists in their own right within a few years. Credit went to Jack Nitzsche as arranger, Larry Levine as the Gold Star studio engineer, and the Johnny Vidor Strings.

The horn section comprised “Teenage” Steve Douglas (saxophone), Jay Migliori (saxophone), Roy Caton (trumpet), and Louis Blackburn. On guitars were Tommy “Arbuckle” Tedesco, Bill Pitman, Irv Rubins, and Nino Tempo. Ray Pohlman and Jimmy Bond played bass. Keyboards were listed as Leon Russell, Don Randi, and Al Delory. Sonny Bono, Frank Kapp and Jack Nitzsche were the percussionists. On drums was the legendary Hal Blaine, a charter member of “The Wrecking Crew.”

The release history in the U.S. of A Christmas Gift for You is part of the album’s mystique. After the original Philles issue in 1963, the Beatles’ Apple edition in 1972 actually hit the Top 10 in Billboard. The first stereo mastered LP was issued in 1974, on the Warner/Spector imprint. CBS Records even released the album once, via its Pavilion associated label in 1981. Rhino went back to the mono mastering when it issued the record on CD for the first time in 1987. Two years later, a new mono version of the CD appeared on Allen Klein’s ABKCO Records, which kept the title in print until 2007, when EMI Music Publishing took control of the Philles catalog, as the next – and most eagerly anticipated – phase of the Philles story began to take shape in partnership with Sony Music, which reissued the album in 2009.


(Phil Spector Records/Legacy 88697 59214 2)

1. White Christmas - Darlene Love

2. Frosty the Snowman - The Ronettes

3. The Bells of St. Mary - Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans

4. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town - The Crystals

5. Sleigh Ride - The Ronettes

6. Marshmallow World - Darlene Love

7. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - The Ronettes

8. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - The Crystals

9. Winter Wonderland - Darlene Love

10. Parade of the Wooden Soldiers - The Crystals

11. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Darlene Love

12. Here Comes Santa Claus - Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans

13. Silent Night - Phil Spector and Artists

Phil Kneen's site of 'Black & White' shots of The Strypes is well worth a visit


Detour Records announce the release of the ‘Turner’ EP on their ‘Paisley Archive’ imprint on Monday 25th November.

Detour Press Release

After singing on the Mercury Prize-winning & platinum-selling album ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ with Elbow, Salford-based Louise teamed up with the successful "Art & Soul" band  DC Fontana from 2012 to 2013, and enjoyed a busy action packed year gigging around the country and receiving fantastic reviews for the bands EP "Pentagram Man".

She already enjoys a successful career as an in-demand session singer & with a string of collaborations & guest appearances on tunes featuring Primal Scream’s Denise Johnson, Manc poet & song-writer Edward Barton, indie outfit Bluebird Kid Clark and a regular guest with The Electric Stars organising/singing harmony parts and also conducting and arranging a choir on their highly received album "Sonic Candy Soul"...

This Salford chanteuse is now ready to step out on her own with her debut release on Detour Records! This 6 track EP showcases the many sides of TURNER, all part of her vintage charm, one minute classic Dusty, the next epic Scott Walker style ballads & just for good measure a track that could easily fit into all of the great Bond films.

The very talented 'Derek D'Souza' who recently released his book "In The Crowd-Images of the Jam" which  peaked at number 1 in the Amazon charts & has received Rave reviews worked on Turner's front cover.

Showcase gigs are set for up and down the country.... So watch this space...

Track Listing: -

1- This is Turner

2- Blue

3- This World without you

4- Loves me not

5- Oh! You Pretty Things

6- Time


"‘Turner’ is one to watch out for in 2013" - LOUDER THAN WAR

"With her platinum bob, panda kohl eyes and expressive voice...Part Dusty/ part Debbie Harry, she's very adaptable to many styles and sounds" - NO OTHER PRESS

"This is Turner ! And Ladies & Gentlemen, we should be glad. For here is an artist who is far more than a singer/songwriter. Turner is an Icon in waiting. She is totally out of step with the mass produced, unit shifting, pop of today, and that Music lovers is a good thing! Turner's songs are dripping in melody & emotion. Lyrically she can be both disturbing & mysterious, without ever losing her knack for a killer hook. Her 2013 take on bohemian suss, make her the perfect antidote to the TV conveyer belt of shame!" - TONY SALT (Manchester Underground Scene)

"Oozing a contemporary freshness in her pristine and melancholic music. With her spacious and unravelling catalogue of sounds along with her good looks and vintage charm Turner's career is on the up! Hailing her as one of Salford’s rising new stars. - THE MANC REVIEW

"If ever there was a voice that transcended the world, it would be that of Turner" -      ROCK'ROLL IN MY SOUL

"Physically, she’s a France Gall throw-back; she can also strike an Anna Karina-esque ethereal pose. And like that were not enough, she still appears to possess the charm and sense of irony belonging to another fave 60s icon of mine: Françoise Hardy. Louise lets her music do the talking. The rest is par for the course; her eyes never say: ‘Look at me!’ She’s unable to take that side of things too seriously… All part of her “vintage charm”..." - CHRIS ROSE

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