Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Win a free pair of Hutton Desert Boots - but you haven't got long toenter!

Liverpool Mod Weekender at The Cavern on 30th April & 1st May

NUTS Margate Mod & Sixties Festival 27-30 May to feature The Rifles

Sponsor French Boutik's First Album 

Le Beat Bespoke 11 Weekender on 24/25/26/27 March

New Paul Orwell 7", 'Attack', out now on Heavy Soul Records (limited to 200 copies).

Grooves & Shakers at the Secret Door Club, Telford, on Saturday 30th January

British 60s Cinema - Swinging London

Recommended Books on 60s British Cinema

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Being - The Film by Devlin Crow

About The Story  

Buddy is a young carer for his Mum who has multiple sclerosis. He struggles with his responsibilities at home and is bullied at school finding escape in a world of sixties music. He befriends an out of work actor, Doley, who was in the movie Quadrophenia. 

A nod to the Mods  

From original cast members and the Brighton location right down to the replicas of the scooters and clothing, Being has strong cultural references to the original Quadrophenia movie. Buddy and his mother Margaret share a love of sixties mod bands like The Who, The Kinks and The Animals. 

Caring for loved ones  

The core of the film is the struggle carers face when looking after family members. It raises the question, in a light-hearted way, why in this day and age, carers and those they care for are still marginalised and made to feel like outsiders. 

Who's on board?  

Devlin Crow has secured a stellar line up of cast and crew, which includes Mark Wingett from the original Quadrophenia film as well as cinematographer Tristan Oliver (Grand Budapest Hotel, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Wrong Trousers) and composer Barrington Pheloung (Inspector Morse, Lewis) with an experienced film and television crew. 

But we need your help...  

The script has been written and many people have pledged their commitment to this project because of Devlin's considerable charisma and his deep love for Kennedy, his wife who has MS. They do so in the knowledge that in Devlin's hands this will be a moving and compelling work of art that will change peoples' lives forever. So if you want to be part of this exciting film here's what you do... 


Our Kickstarter campaign will launch on 1st February 2016 and will run for 30 days. Our goal is to raise a minimum of £20,000.  

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where people come together to make creative projects happen. When you back our project, you’ll be part of the journey to make the film happen. We’ve chosen Kickstarter because it is set up to help filmmakers like Devlin reach out to people like you and we ourselves enjoy supporting Kickstarter projects.  

Here’s how it works: We set a funding goal. You make a pledge. You will choose a level of donation that suits you and in return there will be some fabulous rewards.  

When we reach our goal, your pledge will be processed by Kickstarter, and we can get to work. You'll then be a valuable part of the project and we'll keep in touch with you about our progress. And of course to give you your reward. If we do not reach our goal, you will not be charged for your pledge. It’s all or nothing. Please help us make it an all! 


Devlin is very fortunate to have help and support from many people, including those who worked on the original Quadrophenia film. They will work with us to raise awareness of the project.  

Backers will have the opportunity to come and see editing previews and be invited to the premier.  

The percentage breakdown: cast and crew: 25% production expenses: 50% equipment: 5% kickstarter’s commission and rewards: 20%  

If we reach our target within the fundraising period we'll have stretch goals. These will be £2000 towards colour grading and adding extra post production effects. £5000 will buy an animated title sequence and an animated scene for the conclusion of the film. If we are lucky enough to get there with your help we will be offering extra exciting rewards. 


Pledges to the Kickstarter campaign will be rewarded with prizes that will be detailed on our Kickstarter page. Here are a few examples of what you might expect to receive: -  

·         Devlin Crow original artwork

·         Credits in the film

·         Invitation to the premier

·         Be an extra for the day

·         Signed autographs from the actors

·         Watching one of the scenes of the film being shot

·         Lunch on one of the days of the shoot

·         Your own mod clothing/bike being featured in the film

·         Invite to a party with the cast 

Deep Six demo of 'No I Haven't A Clue' to be exclusively played on theGlory Boy Mod Radio Show between 6-8pm on Sunday 7th February

DEEP 6 ‘I haven’t a clue’

If you thought this track was written by Anthony Meynell, and another offering from Squire you’d be mistaken, as this nugget is a new track from the latest new mod band Deep 6.
Lovingly played jangly guitar over rides the bass and sits nicely with the 6T’s drum rhythm and the vocal makes you want to sing along especially when the key changes into the chorus ‘I haven’t a clue’’...... a proper pop track which sounds superb from the moment you 1st hear it, making you want to play it time and time again
So often you expect the same from bands but here we have a real beauty, crafted, melodically by artistes who certainly know there trade. A collaboration of musical talent shines through with this track ‘so here I am thinking they haven’t a clue ...they surely do
I’m a believer that the environment in which you write a song and who you are playing with influences the musical result. ... And this is a musical map of modernism 100%, a nugget I said earlier but I missed out the word GOLDEN!
Alan May (Glory boy mod radio show)

The Style Councillors to play The 100 Club on Friday 9th September

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Hartlepool Charity Night in aid of Alzheimer's & Dementia on 27th February


Secret Affair to play The Fleece in Bristol on Saturday 12th March

Face Up North Vinyl Club Night in Ripon on 30th January

Deep Six to play Albert's Club in Putney on Saturday 6th August

From The Jam play Blake Hall, Bridgewater, on Friday 22nd January

Secret Affair, Yellowstone & The Dastardlys to play Plymouth on Friday 11th March

Mod Bands 'live' at The Bridge House, Canning Town, on Saturday 19th March

The Barrelhouse Mod Club at Prestwick on Saturday 6th February

Jazz at 33 1/3 RPM Magazine & 180gm Vinyl series launched by DeAgostini

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Secret Affair & The Lambrettas to play The Venue, Middlesbrough, on Saturday 27th February

Deep Six to play the NUTsMAG! 'Live Revue' at The Blues Kitchen in Camden on Thursday12th May

Too Much Fighting On The Dance-floor - BBC Radio 4

Why was British music in the late 1970's and early 80's so tribal and so violent? If going to a musical gig now is about having fun and enjoying a "party" atmosphere, it used to be very different. It was an era when music was taken very seriously. For many, it defined who you were. Writer Paul Morley says: "Back then the music you liked was a matter of life and death." 

It was common for musical differences to end in violence. Peter Hook, of Joy Division and then New Order, says "There were riots all the time at gigs." 
And it was a time when politics played a much more prominent role in popular culture. Neville Staple of Two-Tone group, The Specials, recalls the havoc caused by the far right National Front. "We used to get a lot of conflict at our gigs ...we always used to get the NF," he says. 
Adrian Goldberg looks back at a culture divided by haircuts, clothes, class and politics. What did this tribalism say about Britain then? 
The programme includes contributors from Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order; Peter Hooton from The Farm; Pauline Black of Selecter; Neville Staple of the Specials; Clare Grogan of Altered Images plus music journalists Paul Morley, ex New Musical Express and Garry Bushell of Sounds. It also has a stellar soundtrack from the era.
Producer: Jim Frank.

Ray Davies talks to Mojo about a new album, stage show and The Kinks

'Tighten Up', Midland Ska & Reggae Club, in Wolverhampton on Saturday 13th February

The Torch Allnighter at Keele University on 2nd April

All Or Nothing - The Mod Musical at The Vaults Theatre from 31st March to 30th April

Idle Talk to release debut 4-track 'Reaction' CD EP on Detour

Released date is FRIDAY 26TH February 2016
Pre Orders being taken now
Only 200 copies being pressed
Idle Talk are a three piece band from Brighton playing dynamic, original songs. Formed in early 2015, the band have been complimented for their tight performance, accomplished songwriting and their dedication to the live energy and spirit of the mod scene which influenced them. Taking elements of indie, soul and psychedelia, their music applies a relatable modern commentary on the everyday frustrations of life.

Within their first few months together, the band were invited to support iconic mod legends From The Jam (Sound Affects 35th Anniversary Tour) and Secret Affair (My World Tour 2015) which saw them playing to a sold-out home crowd at Brighton’s Concorde 2 across both dates. The band have already been asked to appear as part of both the March of The Mods and Music Mania festivals in Sussex in 2016.

With the band having now signed to Detour records, their debut release for the label is a 4-track EP called "Reaction" which will be out on the paisley Archive offshoot. Recording for the EP was completed at Brighton Road Studios with the help of Ali Gavan and mixed by Andy Crofts (the Moons/Paul Weller band).


Inner Demons
Make Your Mark
A Different Beat
Soldier On

Plus delivery