Friday, 19 January 2018

The Senior Service - Slingshot 7" - OUT NEXT WEEK!

The Senior Service return with a brand new cut; two sides of 7" instrumental goodness that demands you put on those dancing shoes and set 'em on fire!

Perfect for melting away that grey icy sheen of winter. If dancing ain't your business then nod, smile and tap your foot as you indulge your ears in the whip crack Western styled rumble of 'Slingshot'.

This Graham-penned tune rattles along at a fair old lick, grooving rhythmically on a spaghetti guitar riff before breaking into a wonderfully cathartic chorus of sunshine melody – Why not clap along!

No slacking on the B-side mind, as the old Prisoners favourite is reimagined with extra shakes, rattles, whistles and bells and even a few choral flourishes along the way, courtesy of the 'Senior Service Choir'.

If you loved the original or even if you haven't heard the original, chances are you'll love this! It rides along on an infectious wave of grooviness and is destined to be a real floor-filler!
All-in-all, a great package and perfect primer for the band's forthcoming album King Cobra released Spring 2018.

The Senior Service are:
Jon Barker - Organ
Graham Day - Guitar
Darryl Hartley - Bass Guitar
Wolf Howard - Drums and Percussion

Graham Day & The Forefathers + The Fallen Leaves play The 100 Club on May 5th

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

RIP Peter Wyngarde

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Georgie Fame talks to Cerys Matthews on the BBC World Service about his career

Born in 1946 in Lancashire in the UK, Georgie Fame is widely acknowledged as being one of the first recording artists to introduce rhythm and blues and soul to the youth of the UK in the '60s. After his single Yeh Yeh hit number one in the singles charts in 1964, Georgie and his band the Blue Flames went on to have a string of hits throughout the decade, creating a huge legacy which lives on today. Still performing across Europe with orchestras and is own band, Georgie joins Cerys to discuss his long and distinguished career.

(Photo: Georgie Fame circa 1964 backstage at the BBC's Top of The Pops show)

The Deep Six and Proper at The Hand In Hand, Brixton, on Saturday 27th January for just £5