Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood becomes father to twins, aged 68

Brighton Broadcaster looks back at the Swinging Sixties

The Pelican R&B Club Alldayer on 27th August in Loughborough

BBC documentary to look at life in Sheffield during the swinging ‘60s reports The Star

BBC celebrates the 1960s with series of regional documentaries about life in 1966

Do you have an outfit from the swinging 60s for a display in Southport?

The Lambretta SX – A Sixties Icon says The Sequitur

Höfner HCTVTHMOD Verythin Bigsby Mod review

Paul Weller on Dad John

Legendary rocker Paul says: He was my best friend as well as my dad. We had a long working relationship, from the age I wanted to get a band together when I was 13 or 14. We were lucky enough to continue that right until he got ill towards the end.

Whatever I was into, he’d be right behind me. It was probably because he had such a lousy relationship with his own dad.

The Modfather says John his best friend as well as his dad
He was still working when I was getting The Jam together, on the building site or on the cabs. He’d get a van, hustled off someone, and drive us to gigs. He became our manager, learning as he went along.

Some of my happiest memories are after working on the building site with him when I was a kid, loading knocked-off gear into the back of the van that he’d borrowed, or travelling back from London gigs, drunk in the back of the van, singing with him and the band.

It should have been difficult spending a lifetime together, but we had some of the best fun. He could drink a river dry of booze and still be bright and breezy in the morning.

I thought his passing was a blessing. He was not in a good way – if he’d been an animal you’d have had him put down. But he’s still here in my kids, and in me. It’s not so devastating when you can see that link.

Scooter showroom offers a blast from the past reports the Newark Advertiser

Where to see Deep Six 'live' in June.......

Ben Sherman Competition - win a piece of Dave Sharp artwork

British mod movie Quadrophenia sequel is being made - 37 years after the original reports The Mirror

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Making Of “The Eton Rifles” by The Jam

Mod films feature at cinema reports the Oldham Evening Chronicle

Meet Aylesbury Mod Richard Copeland – his customised Vespa PX scooter can’t get any heavier! reports the Bucks Herald

Deep Six - Gordon Waring's images of the second set - The Cavern Club, Liverpool, on 23rd May

My favourite photograph by The Jam’s Bruce Foxton

How the Monkees Got Their 1960s Groove Back

Rock 'n' Horsepower music event set to wow crowds again

New BBC documentary, Living in '66, asks if the Swinging Sixties reached Tyneside

Shout! The Mod Musical – Royal Court, Liverpool

Soundblab reviews Smash The Clock by Bruce Foxton

Berry Gordy: ‘I learned a lot from Dr Martin Luther King’ he tells Desert Island Discs

Deep Six - photos from the first set at The Cavern on 23rd May

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Deep Six & French Boutik 'live' at The Essex Arms, Brentwood, on Friday 17th June

Out Of Time in Wolverhampton on Friday 29th July

Quadrophenia Siren Craft Brew, Berkshire

Flick of the Finger Magazine launches 'All Things Mod'


£80k worth of rare Lambrettas stolen from Norris Green lock-up reports the Liverpool Echo

The Jam to launch their most comprehensive exhibition ever - and it's happening in Liverpool