Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ocean Colour Scene – New Album ‘Painting’

The new Ocean Colour Scene album is entitled ‘Painting’ and has a scheduled release date of 11th February 2013.

'Painting' is the band's tenth studio album and contains 14 brand new tracks. The OCS website says ‘Painting’ “is considered a mile stone in their acclaimed career”

The album is now available to pre-order from the official Ocean Colour Scene store for£9.99. Each album pre-ordered from the store includes an exclusive signed lyric sheet from Simon, Steve & Oscar, alongside an instant free exclusive download entitled 'Trilogy' which clocks in at 9 minutes 40 seconds! 

The track listing is as follows: -

1 We Don't Look In The Mirror

2 Painting

3 Goodbye Old Town

4 Doodle Book

5 If God Made Everyone

6 Weekend

7 Professor Perplexity

8 George's Tower

9 I Don't Want To Leave England

10 The Winning Side

11 Mistaken Identity

12 The Union

13 The New Torch Song

14 Here Comes The Dawning Day



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