Monday, 9 February 2015

Exploring a wealth of local history in York Archives - The York & District Lambretta club. Can you help?

The records of the York Lambretta Club, the memoirs of a local suffragette - even the journal recording one of the great early discoveries of astronomy: York Archives have the lot. 

There are plenty of lovers of classic Sixties scooters around today – among them members of the York Inset Scooter Club, who are quite happy to be photographed on their two-wheeled machines.  

Back in the Sixties, meanwhile, there was the Out Crowd: York’s own gang of Mod rebels, complete with scooters, coats and attitude.  

There was another scooter club in the city between 1956 and 1968, however: the York and District Lambretta Club.  

Sadly, no-one seems to know much about them.  

The club records kept in the city archives consist of little more than financial records and minutes of meetings.  

There are no photographs, no personal reminisances – nothing except a Lambretta Club banner to really keep memory of the club alive.  

So if you were a club member – and especially if you have some old photographs you’d be willing to share – the archives would love you to get in touch.  

“I’m sure there will be people in the city who were involved with the club,” says Sarah. “We’d love to hear from you!”  

If you do have memories or old photos of the club, you can email Sarah at  

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