Friday, 6 February 2015

Fashionism - 'Smash the State (With Your Face)' (EP stream) By Gregory Adams

If you like your power pop poppy and your British accents accentuated, Tranzmitors member Jeffrey McCloy has a new project called Fashionism big on Hubba Bubba-sweet hooks and Ol' Blighty-styled singing.  

The band's debut 7-inch was just released through Hosehead Records, and features a trio of tracks that could easily slide into a prime-era Stiff Records playlist. Opener "Smash the State (With Your Face)" bounces along as a pint-swinging anthem on growing older but feeling young forever. "Where Have All the Rock 'n' Roll Girls" likewise has the crew trying to keep fresh-faced, while "Breaking Out" is a quick blip blending mod revival vivaciousness with vintage punk in the Buzzcocks vein.  

"Fashionism is basically the bubblegum glam of the early '70s played by people who like late '70s U.K. punk so much that it has poisoned everything we do in the best possible way," guitarist J.R. explained of Fashionism's sound in a statement. 

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