Thursday, 2 July 2015

Rudeboys hoping for a 'mini Glastonbury' at Trentham Gardens

BAND members are hoping to experience a 'mini Glastonbury' this weekend – in the first of a popular attraction's summer series of outdoor concerts. 

The Rude Boys – made up of Caverswall's Peter Hankey, Pete Hall, of Cheadle, and Stoke's Ryan Bradbury – are bringing their music to Trentham Gardens on Saturday as the Gardens kick off their Hot Summer Saturday Dates. 

Thousands of fans are expected to flock to the venue's open-air amphitheatre for the musical outfit's two shows within a show – called SOT Jam and The Rudeboys. 

Lead singer and bass player Peter Hankey explained the shows are split between tracks from mod legends The Jam and the sounds of Ska – a genre that originated in Jamaica, with a Ska fan often referred to as a 'rude boy'. 

Peter, aged 52, said: "There's definitely been a revival of the Ska scene, and the people of Stoke-on-Trent especially enjoy it.

"It's our biggest gig of the year. Locally, there's nothing to compete with it. With the hot weather, the show could sell out – we had around 1,500 when we played at Trentham Gardens two years ago." 

The three-piece band, who grew up in the Ska post-punk scene, have been together for about seven years and play all over the country. 

Also in their repertoire are covers from tracks by The Specials, Madness and Bad Manners. 

Peter added: "We work all over the place but not as much locally as we used to, so this is a nice chance for us to play in front of a lot of local people." 

Drummer Pete Hall, also aged 52, said: "We can't wait for it. 

"I've got lots of family coming and it's quite a big deal for all of us." 

Guitarist Ryan Bradbury, aged 45, added: "It's a fantastic venue and and I hope the weather holds. I love playing outside – it'll be like a mini Glastonbury." 

Kelly Jones, Trentham Gardens events co-ordinator, said: "The Rude Boys last played Trentham Gardens in 2013, pulling in a record crowd of more than 1,000 who had a fantastic evening dancing the night away to the sounds of Ska and The Jam. 

"Advance ticket sales for Saturday night's gig have already exceeded this, and the stage is set to give a warm welcome to the band playing their home town." 

Tickets include admission to the Gardens all day. 

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