Sunday, 25 October 2015

Jelly Roll Club, Peterborough - Gonzo reports on the 12th September night

After hearing good things about the Peterborough based Jellyroll Cub, the latest event was on the radar so the postcode was entered into the sat nav the evening of a gloomy night in September and off we went. With the aid of said Sat Nav the journey was smooth and painless and we soon found outrselves climbing the flight of stairs to the Burghley Square Club room.

After paying and entering the room we soon saw a couple of familiar faces (Dave Webb & Sammy Tredell) and quite soon Paul Bromely and Darrin Clarke were introducing the club and some of its history to me. Up and running for about 10 years with Juliian Roberts organising and stalwart Oxford Paul as the DJ backbone developing from the thriving Northern Soul Scene in the area. The events are on roughly each quarter, not too reguarly so it allows a build up to the excitement of the next night. The resident DJ line up is top notch and the invited visiting DJ's have historically been of the highest calibre.

The room is a good size with a good lit seating area around the traditional bar near to the entrance with a couple of steps leading down to more seating around a very good sized dancefloor. The DJ decks neatly placed out of the way to the left but right in front of the dancefloor.

The crowd were in the main very smart indeed! I felt a little dressed down without a jacket (not for the last time recently!) so remember to dress up when you attend....

No disco type or fancy lighting but it didn't detract from the cool vibe too much. Resident DJ's Paul D and Glen were warming the atmosphere nicely as the crowd built. Just a few of the people I spotted there initially that night were Neil and Sally Youdale, Terry Grant, Sam Nigel Fricker, Suzi Brewer and Perdita Casswell Jennek

As soon as Jon Godden got on the decks myself and Gaynor couldn't resist getting out on the floor and we were pretty much there for the rest of the evening. We took a shine to Jon at Manchester Hideaway and he plays a great mix of great RnB, Latin and Soul. The locals must be spoilt as Jon is a regular there and I was suprised more weren't getting on their feet.

However when Oxford Paul came on the decks the dancefloor was soon very active. Its the first time I have heard Oxford Paul and with his roots more in the Jamacian sound I wasn't sure what to expect but he certainly knows his stuff and played some excellent sounds and a few new to me too, highly recommended!

Now the room was bubbling away. A smart, cool, crowd dancing and a great buzz. By the time Wayne Napier-Gibbens took his turn at the decks he had an eager crowd and he didn't fail in delivering. Quite a diverse set and choc full of gems! Wayne looks sharp, spins a great mixed set and knows how to get the room on its feeet.

By the time we bid our goodbyes near to closing time and tumbled out into the cool night the drive home seemed daunting! Aching limbs were not happy about the hour drive back.

So the Jellyroll... Great sized and layout room, Fantastic DJ's, friendly and very smart crowd....

Ultimately the best compliment I can give the Jellyroll is that the next night is on Nov 14th and avoiding major disasters I will be there and most likely on the dancefloor all night again... but this time with a jacket on!! I hope to see some of you there...

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