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Ready Steady Girls Book - Synopsis and Images

Ready Steady Girls
Ready, Steady—Mod Girls! explores every aspect of the subject, from what music Mod girls listened to and the clubs they most liked, to the shops they went to for their clothes—and how they often made their own, copying and adapting the latest designs of such as Mary Quant, Marion Foale (co-proprietor of trendy Carnaby Street boutique, Foale and Tuffin), and (later) Barbara Hulanicki of Biba fame. The books also talks about those iconic women the Mod girls revered, from Cathy McGowan, presenter of the ground-breaking Ready, Steady, Go! to the musicians and models who played their part in shaping the sound and look of the modern 60s woman: Dusty Springfield, Sandie Shaw, Petula Clark, Twiggy—and more.

Exploring the world of the Mod girls, the book also features some 40 interviews with original Mod girls of the 1960s, and with the new breed of today. It’s also international in approach—Mod culture and fashion still has followers the world over. So some of the interviews and photos are from Mod girls in the U.S.A, Italy, France, Spain and even Japan, as well as from Britain.
Mod was about style as much as it was about the music, so as well as photos of clubs, bands, and singers there will be photos of Mod girls wearing (and making) their own clothes, and photos of their favourite designers, and their clothes. These photos have kindly been contributed by the Mod girls themselves. Features in every chapter complement the main text and the interviews with the real Mod girls from around the world. 
Don’t expect to see yet more photos of (male) peacocks astride their gleaming chrome scooters, here; in Mod Girls, we see the girls on their scooters, and hear them talking about their music, their clothes, their favourite clubs.
Welcome to the world of Mod—as never before revealed!

History of the book:
Ian ‘Snowy’ Snowball came up with the concept of the book two years ago and began the research and interviews with Mod girls from around the world. He also interviewed legendary designer Mary Quant and Ready Steady Go dancer Sandy Sarjeant. It was this RSG connection that inspired the title for the book.
Ian then brought in Mod writer’s Mark Baxter and Jason Brummell to help develop the book and shape it into what was intended to be a tribute to Mod girls from around the world. 
The three writers then decided to make it a collector’s item and limit it to only 1000 copies. The book is beautifully designed, stylish and elegant, but still with a cutting edge attitude-it reflects the Mod girls. 
In May the book will begin is journey of being funded by a Kickstarter pledge campaign. This will only last for two months, finishing on 4th July, so people who want a copy of this fantastic book will need to buy the book quickly from Kickstarter. The book will then be launched in September. 

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