Friday, 13 October 2017

El Sid (Derwent/Stebbing/Jones) to support The Scene at Clacton

Are 3 members from the 79/earl 80's mod revival era The late 70s mod scene was much maligned, but there are some great, energetic guitar-based songs.
El SID  Simon Ian Derwent  =SID We had to come up with a name quick but that is what is stands for.
SIMON STEBBING the lead guitarist/ song writer from THE PURPLE HEARTS, RT4 and SPEAKEASY  THE_79er's, IAN JONES Bass and side man from LONG TALL SHORTY,Ian Page AND THE AFFAIR , SPEAKEASY and THE_79er's DERWENT ... LONG TALL SHORTY, THE RAGE.
An honest, bare bones band will be playing songs from long ago and some current songs from recent albums and maybe some covers....

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