Sunday, 17 June 2012

'If...' 1968 Movie on Film 4 This Week

The classic sixties move, 'If...' is being shown on Film 4 during the early hours of Thursday morning (21st June) and is well worth setting up your Sky + for.

Starring Malcom McDowell, the Amazon blurb says, "If... is, for those new to it, set in a British public school, and from this setting it has plenty to say on authority and society.

Directed by the late, great Lindsay Anderson, the film centres on Mick Travis, magnetically portrayed by Malcolm McDowell.

Superbly marrying fantasy and more realistic elements, 'If...' is packed with iconic, and often quite surreal moments, leading right up the to the famed and indelible ending that sticks long in your mind once the credits have rolled.

A strong, powerful influence for many who followed it, 'If...' is powered by Malcolm McDowell’s astounding performance (which would earn him the part in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange). It’s arguable that he’s never been better than he is here, and he’s in good company, thanks to a top-quality supporting cast too.

Perhaps the greatest complement to 'If...' though is that, decades after is initial release, it’s not only recognised as one of the finest British films ever made, but it’s regarded in many quarters as a classic of cinema full stop."

So there you have it - miss it 'If' you dare!!!

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