Monday, 11 June 2012

Record Collector - June 2012

The June issue of Record Collector is on the news stands and features the Small Faces as its covers stars following the recent release of the 'Deluxe' editions of their 4 main albums.

The two main features are interviews with Kenney Jones and original band member, Jimmy Winston.

Kenney talks about finally becoming a Small Faces fan himself and the process he went through to track down the master tapes and apply some 'bottom end' to their recordings to give their songs the sound they should have had in the first place. He also touches on his time with The Who and how he came to be the only drummer they wanted in the band after the death of Keith Moon.

In Jimmy's interview, he talks about being mistakenly described as the keyboard player in the original Small Faces whereas he feels he played a lot more guitar than organ on the early tracks. He also tells us about his post Small Faces recordings and how he and Steve Marriott reconciled in later years and wrote a number of songs together (although it doesn't tell us what they were called and if any of them were ever recorded).

And, as it is Record Collector, we get the valuation of those original Small Faces and Jimmy Winston pressings (along with one or two rarities).

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