Monday, 6 August 2012

Shindig! Issue 28 - Out Now

Shindig! 28 is out now with the new issue being a ‘USA 60s PSYCH SPECIAL!’ 

The main feature is THE STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK. The first part of the group’s story is well written and described by Shindig! thus, “Their roots lie in LA's complex garage band scene and their legacy continues to hinge around their 1967 US No. 1 single. Yet somewhere in between these two extremes beat the heart of a visceral, experimental rock band whose instrumental prowess dazzled, whose recordings remain high watermarks of late '60s psychedelic harmony pop and whose star continues to ascend, even as its core members celebrate their 45th year together.” 

Also in this issue is a really good interview with Edgar Jones of The Stairs (and a previous member of Paul Weller’s band around the time of ‘Heliocentric’), and ’50 Essential US Psych Albums’. 

Other features, probably of a lesser interest to Mod sensibilities, are features on New York label, Mainstream Records, The Fallen Angels, Clear Light and Crystal Syphon. Plus, of course, there’s all the latest news and reviews for retro fans.

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