Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Who have no plans to tour ‘Quadrophenia’ in the UK

As you will note from a previous post on ‘Modernist Society’, The Who have announced a massive tour of the USA & Canada where, from early November 2012 until the end of February 2013, they will be playing ‘Quadrophenia’ plus a number of their hits.

With the ‘Director’s Cut’ box set of Quadrophenia being released late last year, and the recent BBC4 ‘Quadrophenia’ night showcasing a documentary on the making of the album, a screening of the film and a ‘live’ concert from around that time, my hopes were raised of seeing ‘Quadrophenia’ played ‘live’ in the UK either this autumn or circa Easter 2013.

There the trail went cold – had no information of any dates other than the aforementioned North American shows.
Taking matters in to my own hands, I contacted Nicola Joss, Pete Townshend’s PA at Eel Pie Publishing, to see if she could shed any light on the matter for me. Disappointingly, her response was, “There are no plans at the moment for UK dates next year, but please keep an eye on”

So there you have it – loads of dates in North America but no plans for any shows at all in the UK. If, like me, you would like to see The Who play ‘Quadrophenia’ in the UK in 2013, then I suggest you join me in contacting to let our voices be heard ‘Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere’ we can!!!

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