Friday, 16 November 2012

Alan Fletcher/Paul Hooper-Keeley talk about Mod at University Youth Subculture Symposium

Veteran Mods, Punks and Goths debated their continuing commitment to their teenage lifestyles with the author of the cult classic novel Quadrophenia, Alan Fletcher, at the University of Derby recently.

Mod guru Alan Fletcher spoke alongside a number of prominent sociologists from around the UK at the 'Ageing Within a Spectacular Youth Subculture' symposium, at the University's Enterprise Centre.

The event was organised by Paul Hooper-Keeley, a doctoral researcher at the University of Derby and member of the Interdisciplinary Network for the Study of Subcultures, a research group which has members at universities nationwide.
Paul said: "For most people the music and fashion tastes they have as teenagers get left behind as they enter adulthood, but for some their passion stays and has a large impact on their everyday lives.

"From what they wear, how they present themselves with hair and makeup, to the career they choose; whether they are Mods, Goths, Punks or hip-hop enthusiasts, these people make a real investment in their chosen subculture.

"By holding this event we wanted to bring together a group of leading academics in this field, and the author of a well-known novel on the Mod subculture, Quadrophenia, to hear their thoughts on this growing area of sociology research."
After a lively question and answer session Alan Fletcher said: "It's incredibly interesting to be amongst so many people researching this topic.

"My writing was based on my first person experience of being a Mod in the 60s. Being part of that style of life was such a positive thing. The tribe you belonged to dictated everything, the music you listened to, what you wore, how you walked and the way you spoke.”

"You belonged to something, and yet you set yourselves apart. It stays with you, and I still call myself a Mod today."

Other speakers who addressed the gathered audience of students, Mods, Punks, Hip-hop and Northern Soul enthusiasts included:  

Dr Peter Webb from the University of Cambridge, who has published on social and cultural theories of music scenes, and currently plays with the `post-punk' band Idiot Strength

Dr Paul Hodgkinson - a lecturer at the University of Surrey and devoted Goth, who spoke to the gathered audience about Goth identity, style and subculture (and has just had his new book, 'Ageing & Youth Subculture' published)

Dr Patrick Turner, who has carried out doctoral research into 'post-hip hop culture',

Dr Nicola Smith, from Cardiff Metropolitan University, whose research interests include the British Northern Soul scene.

Paul Hooper-Keeley, who is one of the UK's leading academics on the subject of Mod subculture.



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