Monday, 18 February 2013

Under 18's Allowed at Royale Records Birmingham Alldayer until 8pm this Saturday

I know there has been a number of disappointed young Mods posting that they really wanted to attend the Royale Records Alldayer this Saturday (23rd February) but were unable to do so because of the venues 'Over 18s Only' policy.

I have just spoken to the Hare & Hounds directly, and they tell me that the over 18 policy doesn't kick-in until 8pm - thus, they say, all ages are welcome to attend this event from it's midday start until 8pm (and then over 18s only for the rest of the night). The venue expects the first 'live' act to be on stage by 12.30pm so, even if you can only stay until 8pm, you should still catch the majority of the bands (if not all) over this 8 hour period.

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