Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Shades Of Blue – ‘Who’s Laughing Now?’ 7” (Heavy Soul)

The first release in the RAWING Sixties series comes from The Shades Of Blue who were a band from Essex that formed in 1965 and in June of that year recorded four originals at Tony Pikes’ Sound Studios in Putney.

‘Who’s Laughing Now’ combines a soulful voice with an organ driven beat that has been compared to Manchester Mod Gods, The St. Louis Union, and is destined to become a dance-floor classic. It’s a terrific song that I really like.

Side two features ‘So Long’ which again combines some great organ and guitar work with soulful vocals in another up-tempo number. Again, I really like this.

With sleeve notes from Ian Grinham and Adam Cooper, and all tracks coming directly from quarter inch reel-to-reel tapes or original acetates, this is sure to be an excellent and highly collectable series of 7” releases from the 1963 to 1968 period.

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