Tuesday, 24 December 2013

“Margate museum wants your Mods and Rockers memories” reports the Isle of Thanet Gazette

MARGATE museum is appealing for people to get in touch with their stories of two monumental occasions in the district's history.

The centenary of the First World War and Mods and Rockers clashes of 1964 are both to be featured in special exhibitions in the Spring and Autumn of 2014.

The museum previously ran a successful exhibition called ‘Mods, Rockers and Margate: Talking About My Generation’.

Manager, Ian Dickie told the Gazette: "This time around we are looking for people who lived in the area at the time of riots, specifically local business people such as shop keepers.

"How were they affected? What happened? How did they feel?"

The museum will also be running a special exhibition to mark the centenary of the First World War with plans to create a memory wall to honour local serviceman who gave their lives.

Mr Dickie explained: "Some 400 men from Margate lost their lives on the battle field and we would really like people to share their photos and stories of family members or friends.

"It is quite horrific when you think about it but we want to do something special."

It wasn't just the brave men on the Front Line who were affected by the war, from 1914-1918 Margate was bombed 88 times by German zeppelins causing the deaths of 40 civilians.

Mr Dickie said: "We would like to hear from people who had relatives in Margate at the time of the bombing."

If anyone has any stories or photos they would like to form part of both exhibitions please contact Ian Dickie at Margate Museum on 01843 231213.

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