Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The 45s debut single, ‘It Ain’t Over’ (Heavy Soul), reviewed by PHK

I opened my Heavy Soul package of the debut 7” and CD by new R&B stars, The 45s, with great anticipation after the storming ‘live’ reviews they have been generating in recent months. And with Heavy Soul Records behind them, could they soon be in line for the major breakthrough that The Strypes had after they first trod this path?

On this debut offering, the answer is a definite yes – this is the dogs dangly bits and more!!!

The A-side, ‘It Ain’t Over’, is a high octane, blues inspired number that demonstrates a high quality performance that belies the bands tender age. For me, there’s also an essence of The Spencer Davis Group and early Who in there for what could be a great song for radio plays.

And with ‘Devil Of A Women’, it just continues to get better and better – starting with a Wilko-esque power riff that keeps coming back throughout, this is a great slice of Maximum Rhythm & Blues that will get your foot tapping and hips moving before you know what’s happened. Superb guitar solo too!!!

But that’s not all – for those of you that also buy the CD single, there is a bonus track; a fabulous recording of Chuck Berry’s ‘Around And Around’ (also previously covered to great effect by The Rolling Stones in their blues heyday) that I am sure is a big favourite at The 45s ‘live’ shows.

This is another essential release by the Heavy Soul label (well done Adam) that, if fully supported, could give The 45s the opportunity to slip through the door that The Strypes are currently holding open to a major label deal, high profile gigs and hopefully many more great recordings for many years to come.

2014 could prove to be a significant year for The 45s and this pivotal release is sure to generate the awareness and acknowledgement that they so obviously deserve to make that next big step.

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