Thursday, 23 April 2015

Pete Meaden biography by Pete Wilky & John Hellier to be published this summer

Light & Dark Publishing Ltd. 

We're pretty darn excited about releasing Light & Dark's first book, due to be published in Summer.  

Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances is by Pete Wilky and John Hellier. It is the biography of Pete Meaden, who was an English publicist for various musicians and the first manager for The Who. He was a prominent figure in the English Mod subculture of the 60s and is sometimes referred to as the "Mod Father" or "Mod God", either way his influence has left a mark on the Mod subculture to this day. 
With a foreword by Pete Townsend from The Who, this book is destined to be loved by all Mods and fans of music as well as the genre. Pre order link will be posted as soon a possible.

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