Saturday, 20 June 2015

Karen, Mary & Trish report from the 3 Keys Modernist Weekender in Skegness held on 22nd, 23rd and 24th May 2015

Spring Bank holiday weekend saw the arrival of the 2nd highly anticipated 3 Keys Modernist Weekender in Skegness.  The weekender was based in the Grand Central on Grand Parade, which in our opinion is a great venue. 

Friday night kicked off at 8pm in style in the downstairs room of the venue, with an impressive turn out for the welcome party.  The line-up of DJ’s included the Britalian Job and Grits and Gravy with guest DJ’s Adrian Milton and Rob Glover.  What a great start to the weekend – we made our way back to the B&B tired with aching feet but happy. 

Saturday’s events started at 2pm back at the Grand Central with various vintage and record stalls and open decks inside, glorious sunshine and beer outside – all in all a perfect afternoon.  The Saturday evening, held in the larger upstairs room, boasted fantastic 60’s footage being played on a screen while the DJ’s, including David Edwards, Neil Lee, Adrian Milton and Rob Glover, the Britalian Job and Grits and Gravy, played another night of excellent music.  It really was hard to keep off the dance floor!  The atmosphere was great, lots of happy, friendly faces enjoying each other’s company and amazing tunes.  

For those hardcore amongst us Sunday started at 12pm with open decks and stalls and the weather held out for the Scooter ride out at 3pm.  The last night was said by some to be the best with the DJ’s playing a range of mod club classics, RnB, Beat and Hammond as they had done all weekend.   

We can safely say that a great weekend was had by all and we three cannot wait for next year’s weekender.  The dates for next year are 27th, 28th and 29th May – some have already booked their digs so get organised if you fancy going.   
NB: All photographs supplied by, and the property of, Karen Kitchen                       



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