Sunday, 28 June 2015

Rolling Stones legend Bill Wyman forces officials to change 'disgusting' blue plaque snubbing Brian Jones reports the Mirror Online

Rolling Stones legend Bill Wyman has forced officials to change the wording on a blue plaque honouring the band after condemning it as “disgusting”. 

The inscription at Dartford station in Kent said Mick Jagger and Keith Richards met there “and went on to form The Rolling Stones”. 

But Wyman, 78, objected, saying it was the late guitarist Brian Jones who created the group. 

The bass player, who quit the band in 1993, told Radio 5 Live the plaque was “disgusting”. 

He added: “It should be to Brian Jones. It’s wrong. I don’t like history re-written. 

"Mick and Keith didn’t create the Stones, they were part of it, like all of us. 

“Brian wanted to form a blues band and enlisted each member one by one. He gave us the name, he chose the music and he was the leader.” 

Jagger and Richards both went to school in Dartford. 

They met up again on platform 2 of the town’s station in 1961 and bonded over a love of blues, forming a musical ­partnership that still endures. 

Council leader Jeremy Kite said: “A new plaque will makes it clear that this is where Mick met Keith before going on to be part of the Stones.”

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