Wednesday, 6 January 2016

'I'm The Face' - revised version featuring contributions from Mickey Tenner, Pete Townshend, Bill Curbishley, Richard Barnes etc. to be launched at The 100 Club on 22nd January

John Hellier told me, "Re: Pete Meaden book, the original was a nightmare. Loads of print errors and a dodgy proof reader plus a court order over some copyright issues. All of that is behind us. From that moment on I saw the project as unfinished business and I was determined to revise the book and add 100 pages of great material. All of this was achieved with great help and assistance from none other than Bill Curbishley.

I'm pleased with the revised version and have called it an official PM story as opposed to a biography. It's a story as told by lots of both high and low profile people that knew him and worked with him and has lots of contradictory stories. Different people saw him in different lights! It's up to the reader to read them all and make their own minds up as to what sort of human being he was.

I've found it interesting and I'm prepared to be judged on this finished article not the previous one. I'll send a complimentary copy to you, as I will anybody else that bought and didn't like the original book. Please put that around. It still may not be everybody's cup of tea but I like it!!"
In August 2015 Pete Wilky & John Hellier released the much-awaited life story of The Who's first manager/publicist and original 'Ace Face/'King of the Mods' Mr Peter Meaden. The book is called 'I'm The Face' and was launched in Soho to a VIP audience ... However, due to unforeseen circumstances the book was withdrawn soon after release but we are now proud to announce this books official re-launch at the 100 Club in London on January 22nd 2016. 
The book has been fully revised and extended since its initial launch ... It now includes exclusive contributions from Pete Townshend, Andrew Loog Oldham, Bill Curbishley, Jimmy James, Irish Jack, Mickey Tenner, Allen Merrill, Richard 'Barney' Barnes, Peter 'Dougal' Butler, Gerald Meaden, Iain Sinclair, John Emery and others ... These people were Meaden's closest friends, associates and family. We can now tell the full cradle to grave story of this enigmatic and incredibly respected pioneer of the British Mod scene. This book has the ENDORSEMENT of the likes of BILL CURBISHLEY, PETE TOWNSHEND and ANDREW LOOG cannot possibly get any better than that!  
Now the public can finally get to know the story of Pete Meaden, a man who some still hold in very high-esteem despite his premature death in 1978. Pre-orders are available NOW so get yourself a copy of this unique and commendable insight into the man who set the benchmark for every Mod Face who followed!

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