Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Deep Six demo of 'No I Haven't A Clue' to be exclusively played on theGlory Boy Mod Radio Show between 6-8pm on Sunday 7th February

DEEP 6 ‘I haven’t a clue’

If you thought this track was written by Anthony Meynell, and another offering from Squire you’d be mistaken, as this nugget is a new track from the latest new mod band Deep 6.
Lovingly played jangly guitar over rides the bass and sits nicely with the 6T’s drum rhythm and the vocal makes you want to sing along especially when the key changes into the chorus ‘I haven’t a clue’’...... a proper pop track which sounds superb from the moment you 1st hear it, making you want to play it time and time again
So often you expect the same from bands but here we have a real beauty, crafted, melodically by artistes who certainly know there trade. A collaboration of musical talent shines through with this track ‘so here I am thinking they haven’t a clue ...they surely do
I’m a believer that the environment in which you write a song and who you are playing with influences the musical result. ... And this is a musical map of modernism 100%, a nugget I said earlier but I missed out the word GOLDEN!
Alan May (Glory boy mod radio show)

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