Saturday, 27 February 2016

Deep Six demo gets latest radio play on Ice Cream Man's 'Power Pop & More' show

The Mayflowers - Lazy Sunday (Are You Green LP)
Fun W/Atoms - Titletown (Main Street LP)
Minky Starshine - Girl (Pop Jewelry Revised LP)
One Like Son - We're Not Standing Down (Leftovers LP)
Mitch Koheler - Blazt From The Pazt. (Single)
Donny Brown . Bitter Rival (Hess Street LP)
Club Wow - Norman Green (Nowhere Fast LP)
Pallenberg - Sweet Suicide (EP)
The Del Zorros - Hold You All Night Long (Dream Little Dreamer) (Single)
Dropkick - Wish I Knew (Balance The Light LP)
Stilleto Boys - Come What May (Liberator LP)
The Four Chords - One Hit Wonder (The Four Chords LP)
Bleached - Keep On Keepin' On (Single)
Yellowstone - Ingrid Sits (Your World Regarding Me LP)
Fast Cars - Mindset (More EP)
Deep Six - No I Haven't A Clue (Demo)
The Manics - Headphones (Single)
Arvidson & Butterflies - Alright (New Album, title to be confirmed)
Vista Blue - When She Cries (Single)
Stilleto Boys - Not That Way (Liberator LP)
Captain Storm - Superfun
The Adelians - Stay (The Adelians LP)
Dropkick - Slow Down (Balance The Light LP)

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