Monday, 15 October 2012

The Chords 'live' album review (Detour)

‘It Was Twenty Years Ago Today…’ is a ‘live’ album from The Chords recently released by Detour Records. And as per the title, the cover artwork is the bands own pastiche of the ‘Sgt Pepper’ sleeve.

If your initial thought is that this was recorded on the most recent UK tour then you’d be mistaken – this is from one of a handful of gigs that the original line-up did in 1999/2000 to celebrate 20 years from their first breakthrough on to the music scene (and to promote the release of an anthology collection and a singles album).

This was an interesting, if surreal, gig – I know, because I was there. Having been at The Cavern in Liverpool that lunchtime to see The Times, The Circles and The Upper Fifth, we were invited to a wedding reception at St. George’s hall that evening where the entertainment was The Chords, The Killermeters, The Circles and The Jamm. I kid you not!

The Chords set recorded that night features many of their ‘big’ songs including ‘Something’s Missing’, ‘One More Minute’, ‘So Far Away’, ‘British Way Of Life’ and ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ plus a cheeky version of ‘Twist and Shout’ for the scousers (the CD contains 10 songs in all). The songs are played with the usual passion and fervour that you always get with The Chords, with many of the songs segued together and flowing seamlessly from one to another. It’s a ‘live’ set so one or two strains on the voice are to be expected, but the atmosphere is great and this is a good addition to the collection of those of us in to the bands from the Mod revival period.

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