Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Fixations Book & CD - Best Unsigned '79 Band

I recently happened upon an excellent little book called 'Modest Recognition' which is a limited edition/'print on demand' publication. This book tells the story of the mod band, The Fixations, and the '79 revival as well as giving an overview of the mod movement as a whole. It also charts the details of the album 'The Sound Of Young London' released by Detour Records on 1st September 2008 (, containing sixteen tracks and two videos of 'Country Girl' and 'No Way Out' (in which the cameraman gets shot by the drummer)! This is a limited edition, featuring a picture cover and an interview with Paul Cattini (September 2008).
Availability of this edition has been extended due to popular demand! To get your copy, go to

 Sounds 1979: “The Fixations were by far the best tonight. They have three or four excellent songs that would make great singles. ‘No Way Out’ and ‘Clever Remarks’ would easily match ‘Millions Like Us’ and ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ and add to the growing Mod scene. Tonight they were on top form, ending with their mad drummer demolishing his kit and nearly decapitating their lead singer. Whereas The Chords and The Purple Hearts will cover the Beatles and The Small Faces, The Fixations only play original songs and ‘Clever Remarks’, ‘Unnatural Merger’ and ‘Country Girl’ are truly memorable songs.”

The Fixations were: Paul Cathcart (Vocal/Rhythm Guitar), Paul Cattini (Lead Guitar), Richard Sharp (Bass), and Ken Gamby (Drums). 

The Fixations 16-track (plus 2-video clip) CD is available from Detour Records (Cat. No: DRCD054).
This band are probably the best unsigned Mod band from the '78/'79 period who, but for their manager turning down 6 record deals (because the deals were for singles only and didn't include the opportunity to record a full length album), could have been seen, historically, as much more of a leading light of the Mod revival period. They do get plenty of mentions in Gary Bushell's, 'Time For Action', book, but who knows what could have been.......
The Fixations book and their CD are both still available so I would encourage you to get them both and see what you have been missing for over 30 years - I was glad to get mine!!!

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