Friday, 25 October 2013

The Get-Go's new MP3 album, ‘Typically English’, is released today!!!

Release date: 25 Oct 2013

Label: Southside Records

Track Listing: -

1 Two Time Loser 

2 Ain't No Fool 

3 Summer in the City (feat. Roger Cotton) 

4 Down the Line (feat. Mick Talbot & Roget Cotton) 

5 Let Me Tell Ya 

6 All Fine (Now Your Mine) [feat. Roger Cotton & Mick Talbot] 

7 Sail On (feat. Roger Cotton) 

8 Lovin' You So (feat. Roger Cotton) 

9 My Love 

10 Typically English

11 So Sad the Morning 

12 No Love Inside (feat. Roger Cotton & Mick Talbot) 

13 Battered 'n' Bruised 

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