Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Happy Birthday Café Bleu

The Style Council released their debut album, Café Bleu, 30 years ago this March.

‘30 years?! Really?! Blimey!! God!!’ – Hannah Weller tweets Paul’s reaction to the anniversary

‘We went from soul to pop to funk, taking in everything on the way. The Style Council really were my formative years, musically.’ – Paul Weller discusses the band in A THOUSAND THINGS

The Style Council was also important as it brought Paul Weller to photographer Lawrence Watson. Paul was so impressed with Lawrence’s photos of the band that he changed the artwork for their Confessions of a Pop Group album (pictured above), and has used Lawrence’s work ever since.

Weller and Watson’s friendship, spanning 26 years, will be explored in their forthcoming limited edition book, tentatively titled INTO TOMORROW.

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