Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Rising release their eponymously titled debut album on Monday 10th March on Detour’s Paisley Archive label

I have had the great pleasure of listening to an advance copy of The Rising’s debut album released by the incredibly active Detour imprint, Paisley Archive. And once more my ears tell me that Dizzy and Tania are on the money by giving another very talented band a well-deserved chance and giving them an outlet for their work.

Matters commence with the barnstorming song that is ‘My Small Faces And My Kinks CDs’ which, ever since playing it, has remained firmly lodged in my brain. Definitely an A-side if there is to be a single release from this album (although that would suggest vinyl, so it could be back-dated to ‘My Small Faces and My Kinks LPs'). The organ driven ‘Daydreaming’ follows and I like this song a lot. ‘Cloud 9’ is a real pile-driver in a great Britpop style and is followed by the very catchy ‘Story of my Life’. ‘Its Gonna Be Alright’ is a really good sixties influenced track with a great riff running through it whilst ‘Let’s Start The Drinking’ is a revival meets Britpop collision that really works. ‘Always Let’s You Down’ is a song that builds up from quite a slow start – I found myself not being too keen initially but really getting in to the song as it progressed. ‘Think Tank’ is another corker with its organ and slight Ska feel and is followed by ‘Hey You’, ‘Shine Just Like The Sun’, the new wave/revival onslaught of ‘Show Me The Money’ (I really like this track) and the final song, ‘Strangers In The Night’, which is another slower number that builds up and is a great choice to end this very fine debut album.

The Rising are clearly a talented bunch of musicians in addition to their song-writing skills and play in a style that would be great to see ‘live’. However, there are only 200 copies of this CD pressed (although it is also available on iTunes – perhaps track 1 will be re-recorded as ‘My Small Faces and My Kinks MP3s’ for the ultra MOD-ern world!?!?!?!), so I would recommend you to get yourself over to the Detour Records website and pre-order your copy now ahead of Monday’s release date.

Detour Press Release: -

The Rising formed in late 2009 and have built up an impressive fan base consistently selling out gigs in their hometown of Southampton.

A huge 60's influence hangs over the band with their Hammond driven groovy brand of rock n roll, but there are also elements of punk and Britpop in their sound as well as the obvious Beatles and Post Beatles Lennon influence.

Girl band trio The Fliks provide backing vocals to some songs which gives them a Northern Soul / Motown vibe and lifts them to complete this vast array of influences and complete what is an outstanding debut album.

"The Rising are fronted by Tommy Overington. He's a star, and he means it!! Great tunes and a great band" - Alan McGee, Creation Records.

Track listing: -

My Small Faces & My Kinks CDs / Daydreaming / Cloud 9 / Story Of My Life / It’s Gonna Be Alright / Let’s Start The Drinking / Always Let You Down / Think Tank / Hey You / Shine Just Like The Sun / Show Me The Money / Strangers In The Night


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