Sunday, 5 April 2015

'Who Are You?' - The Who Tour in London

The Who Tour in London 

Who were the 'Mods'? This youth cult introduced the world to a new style, fashion and music from the late 1950's to the early 1960's. The influence of Mod style and culture is still having an impact today. And the greatest of all Mod bands were The Who. Come with us to discover Mod London and the birthplace of The Who and their own special brand of destructive rock’n’roll! 

Tour Description            

This London Rock Tour is the ‘Magic Bus’! Well, it certainly is for Who fans as we tour the west London neighbourhoods of Shepherds Bush, Acton, Ealing and Hanwell. Members of The Who were all born and raised here and this is where they forged their unique and powerful music. On our tour you’ll get the full story of the Who’s remarkable career from their beginnings as The Detours, their adoption by the Mod movement and their rise to status as the greatest ever rock’n’roll band. 

On our roots tour and in the company of our expert guide, you’ll see over 50 seminal sites; past and current homes, schools, early gigs sites, rehearsal rooms, studios clubs and staging points on their ‘amazing journey’. You’ll hear the insider stories of associated Who personalities like Doug Sandom, their first drummer and super-fan, ‘Irish’ Jack Lyons. You’ll also learn about the 60s environment that gave birth to Mods and Rockers and underpinned Townsend’s masterpiece ‘Quadrophenia’.  

Who’s better, who’s better, who’s best? You decide...but, for many, there’s no argument -The WHO! 

Days of Operation: Daily from 28 Mar to 01 Nov, 2015. 

Operations:           Depart 08.30am  from the Original Tour Visitor Centre,

                            17-19 Cockspur Street, Trafalgar Square. Return 13.00pm 

Rates:                   Prices pp: Adult £35 / Child £25 (12 & under) 

On our morning tour you’ll see: - 

•The Goldhawk Club, the Who’s Mod beginnings

•The birthplace site of Pete’s favourite amps at Jim Marshall’s shop

•The school attended by Pete, Roger and John

•The flat where Keith Moon died

•Manger Kit Lambert’s ‘Track’ and New Action Music office

•Ramport Studios in Battersea

•The rehearsal rooms where the Who rehearsed ‘Tommy’

•Pete Townsend’s Richmond homes

•Eel Pie Island, club site and Pete’s studio

•Family homes of all band members

•Where Roger and John worked before turning pro

•Early and seminal gig sites including Acton’s White Hart

•The Detours first gig

•The Ealing Art College - where Pete learned how to destroy his guitars!

•Pete’s college flat where he first discovered the blues

•The Studios where many classic Who albums were recorded

•The Ealing Blues Club

•The Ace Café: HQ of the Mods traditional Rocker enemies!

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