Friday, 17 July 2020

A Concise History of Mod by Erik Grigg - available from Amazon or via Ebay

This book is a history of the Mod movement in Britain (with some references to the rest of the World) from the 1950s to the present day.

It tells the history of Mod from its roots in the Jazz and Blues clubs of Soho through to the present day. It covers all the major bands, the fashions, record labels and the scooters as well as the clubs, the fights on the beaches and the boutiques. It lovingly explores the origins of all the major musical genres associated with the Mods, from Jazz, Blues, Soul, Northern Soul, Freakbeat, Mod Revival, Britpop and beyond. Written with humour and a deep love for the subject matter, it is comprehensive whilst being easy going.

Written by Dr Erik Grigg, who is a historian and sometime Mod record shop owner. The author wrote a short booklet on the history of the Mod movement nearly two decades ago and this book is partly based on that research, but has been revised, expanded, revisited and brought bang up to date. It contains the most comprehensive history of the Mod movement from the first time Jazz and Blues music was heard in Britain, through the Swinging 60s and the Mod Revival of the Jam era via Britpop and Scooter Boys to the Twenty-First Century. An essential read for ageing Mods, scooter boys, Northern Soul fans, skins and anyone who was once in a youth cult. If you love the history of popular culture or the development of pop music and fashion, this book is for you.

“Great reading”
John Hellier (editor of the Darling of Wapping Wharf Launderette, Small Faces Magazine)

“A worthy detour”
Record Collector

“Comprehensive, but not heavy. Well done”
Paul Welsby, editor of Dig the New Breed fanzine

“Refreshing ... well written and informative ... He does a good job condensing … what is after all, a vast and exhaustive subject”
Joey Moonraker, Modern Times magazine

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  1. Thanks Paul! Did another print run and they are on Ebay. Erik