Monday, 28 January 2013

Britalian Job Interview - Simon Wainwright

Ahead of this Friday's Britalian Job night in Nottingham, I was fortunate enough to catch-up with Simon Wainwright, one of the event's organisers, to ask him a few questions about this excellent club night and historic Mod venue.

What can we expect from the Britalian Job night on 1st February in terms of DJs, music policy, start/finish time, price on the door etc.?

We start as always at 8pm at the Britannia Rowing Club, Trentside, Nottingham next to the Nottingham Forest ground. The resident DJs for the Brit Job are Mark Shaw, Simon Wainwright and Mark Crew....we have guest DJs each night ranging from the up and coming DJs who are given the chance to open the night more established DJs from around the scene who are well known.

We pride ourselves on not having a music policy as this allows a wide range of music to be played from Mod Classics, Soul, R’n’B , Latin, Hammond and Ska. Each DJ plays a varied music set this means you’re never far away from a tune that you love.

We play the music till approx 2am and for the entrance price of £4 each, give everyone 6 hours of pure quality music in one the most renowned venues in the country. 

What other Britalian Job dates are confirmed for 2013?

Apart from this Friday 1st February, the dates for future Britalian nights are: -

Friday 5th April
Friday 31st May
Friday 2nd August (1st anniversary gig)
Friday 4th October
Friday 22nd November (end of year bash)

We have a charity all-day and night event taking place on Saturday 18th May in aid of Nottingham City Hospital cancer units

Who are the people behind the Britalian Job and what are their backgrounds on the Mod scene?

People behind the Britalian job are : -

Mark Shaw (who owns The Soulville Steakhouse Company) and has been a mod on the Nottingham scene since 1979. A regular DJ on the Nottingham circuit and an avid collector of all things Jamaican. Mark was one of the original gang of four who began The Britalian Job about 10 years ago, the early nights hosted some top bands as I am sure you will remember, highlights were Long Tall Shorty and the release event for the ‘Sorry’/’In This Town’ 7” single by The Threads. Rides a rather camp Series 3 Lambretta!

Mark Crew, another "79 mod” who has also been on the scene without interruption since the early 80's, again a regular DJ on the Nottingham circuit. A self employed painter and decorator who was another member of the original gang of four. Our very own Silver Fox rides a spectacular series 2 Lambretta.

Simon Wainwright - The newest and youngest member of the team, HGV driver Simon has been a Mod for years and again is a regular on the Nottingham DJ circuit, he joined the other 2 for the re-launch of The Britalian Job last August and can often be seen his riding his gorgeous Series 3 Lambretta.

When did the Britalian Job nights first start?

The Britalian Job was first launched about 10 years ago and took a break for a few years until August 2012 when it was re-launched to a great response.

The venue has an incredible interior and an interesting Mod history – could you tell us more?

From the 1960s onwards the Britannia Rowing Club has been renowned for having a big mod connection and having bands such as  The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Small Faces, The Action and Rod ‘the mod’ Stewart just to name but a few.

What’s the Mod scene currently like in Nottingham and which other events/nights do you go to/recommend?

The Nottingham mod scene is without doubt the most vibrant it has been since the early 80s...from original Mods of the sixties through 79 revival Mods and a thriving community of young Mods keeping the scene alive.

Other nights in Nottingham: -
Chitlin Circuit 2nd Saturday of every month at the Thurland Hotel
Ronnie London’s last Saturday of every month at The Grosvenor

Another night running and attended by Nottingham Mods is Grits and Gravy in Sheffield run by Sheffield based Nottingham Mod, Joe Tucker, who regularly brings Sheffield Mods to Nottingham.

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