Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mark ‘Bax’ Baxter’s ‘Strike A Pose’ Exhibition on the Culture Show, BBC2, on Wednesday, Launch party on Thursday, Q&A on Friday....

The Culture Show on BBC2 this Wednesday explores the impact of football on five decades of men's fashion as Manchester's National Museum of Football unveils its 'Strike A Pose' exhibition.

From terrace style and cultural movements to designer brands and high street ranges, meet the men and women who have taken football from Kop to catwalk.

1960s Britain saw a revolution in style, youth culture, and football. With the maximum wage abolished, young footballers with disposable income were suddenly style leaders off the pitch – accessible heroes for a generation discovering a voice on the terraces and in the high street.

George Best and Bobby and Tina Moore may have paved the way for today’s Balotellis and Beckhams, but it’s the mods, skinheads and casuals on the terraces who have hit the high street and the headlines.

This exhibition charts the journey football and fashion have taken together over the last half century. Features iconic on-and-off pitch outfits with era-defining adverts and photography from half a century of style and football revolution.

‘Strike A Pose’ is inspired by the book ‘The Fashion of Football, From Best to Beckham, From Mod to Label Slave’ by Paolo Hewitt and Mark Baxter.

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