Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Richard Weight v Paul 'Smiler' Anderson - Eddie Piller's Modcast interviews both today

Richard Weight
Paul 'Smiler' Anderson
Eddie Piller says he is, “Recording a brand new MODCAST today (30th April) with authors Richard Weight and Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson – should be a cracker. Got any questions for us to bring up, also any gigs on or shout outs, let us know!!!”

There is a contact form on the Modcast website at www.themodcast.co.uk or you can contact Eddie via Facebook.

This will either be incendiary if the right questions are asked, or could fall flat if the interviewer plays safe (not really likely with Eddie though).
My questions to Richard Weight would be: -

 1)   Why is the section on the original Mod scene a collation of previously released interviews from earlier books as many of us were hoping for new research and interviews to come to the fore?

2)   As an historian, are you disappointed with the large number of factual errors in the final text (I would be happy to work with you to assist with corrections for a reprinted version)?

My question to Smiler would be: -

How long have you taken to write your book, how much of it is new and original material and how much of it has been taken from previous works (as most of the 'teasers' via Facebook look like unpublished photos and interviews, which would be a really exciting development for the Mod scene)?

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