Monday, 29 April 2013

The Karla Milton Collective – ‘Jack Is Back’ (Heavy Soul) Single Review

This release, the debut single from The Karla Milton Collective, is the ‘live’ favourite, ‘Jack Is Back’, issued on CD and 7” single by Adam Cooper’s Heavy Soul record label.
My purchase, on CD format, contains 3 songs which all demonstrate the smooth vocals of Karla Milton and the excellent musical abilities of this band.

‘Jack Is Back’ is a really good choice for the A-side – an up-tempo soul track featuring a Hammond, horns and percussive assault with a bpm that lends itself to becoming a popular dance number. In my minds’ eye I can picture a room full of like-minded individualists all dancing along to the intensity of this beat as though their lives depended on it.

Track 2, ‘Spend The Night’, is more laid back in pace and allows the listener to chill-out a little after ‘Jack Is Back’. There is something about this song that had me thinking of mid-period Style Council. This is a good song that grows on you more and more with every play.

The third song on this collection of originals is ‘Hiding In The Shadows’ which lifts the temperature and pace once more with its thunderous horns and Hammond, creating a catchy soul/funk workout.

As a fairly recent band on the scene (although, individually, having a long history playing in other related bands) it is good to see The Karla Milton Collective ploughing their own furrow with their soul/funk sound and impressive array of musical talents; taking risks rather than sticking to safe ground, and moving the musical goalposts of the current scene further out. Now what we need is a full length TKMC album and a tour to coincide.

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