Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A big thank-you to you all for the 250,000 individual visits to the Modernist Society Blog

Wow - what can I say but thank you for your incredible support over the last couple of years or so that has seen over a quarter of a million individual visits to The Modernist Society Blog.

As well as bringing you news and reviews of all things Mod (and related), we also put out things we see from around the world on how those outside of our scene see us (so some posts are very 'tongue-in-cheek').

This is very much an enthusiasts site, produced by Mods for Mods, so there are no adverts, no cash generating click-throughs (all URLs are 'hard coded' rather than appearing as a hyperlink) and no revenue streams (not that there's anything wrong with that - we just don't do it).

I hope we continue to publish the blogs that are of interest to you and keep you returning time and time again, and thank you once again for your fantastic support.

Mod For Life.

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