Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Founder of Burton Brewers Scooter Club honoured with procession of scooters leading to his funeral

THE man who founded a popular scooter club in Burton has been honoured with a procession of scooters at his funeral. 

Members of the Burton Brewers Scooter Club led Bernard Cotton's funeral cortege as it travelled from his home in Rolleston Road to Bretby Crematorium yesterday. 

Riders said they thought it would be a fitting way to pay tribute to the man who formed the group five decades ago. 

Ian Vanes-Jones, from the club, said: "He and his brother Fred started the club 53 years ago. They were cyclists at the time, but one of them had an accident and could no longer carry on. 

"They decided to get these scooters and set up a club. It's now one of the top 10 clubs in the country. 

"When we heard Bernard had died, we wanted to do something. This is a nice little tribute." 

Mr Cotton, 84, had not been an active member of the club for some time, but told his family of fond memories when he would ride around Burton on his scooter. 

His son Andrew said he believed his dad may have had the first Lambretta in Burton. The club was a place he and his brother could socialise with people of similar interests. 

Mr Cotton favoured motorcycles in his later years and passed on his love to his son and grandson. 

He battled prostate cancer for many years before he died. He leaves wife Noreen, children Andrew and Lesley, several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

Andrew Cotton said: "He was the nicest man you could ever wish to meet. You can't imagine a father like him. 

"He was very compassionate. He commanded great respect in the family." 

Mr Cotton spent his working life as an engineer, setting up a company called Cotton Engineering. He lived in Burton all his life.

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