Monday, 30 March 2015

St George’s Day celebrations planned for Preston Guild Hall

Patriotic Prestonians are being urged to celebrate England’s patron saint as much as they might celebrate Ireland’s. 

As part of a massive St George’s Day Festival, bosses at the Guild Hall are welcoming the move to commemorate the date on April 23, with a line-up of Mod and Northern Soul favourites to celebrate with a great night out, in the same way many do for St. Patrick’s Day. 

Susan Burns, of Guild Promotions, said: “We were very keen to include the Northern Soul element to our program of events here at the Guild Hall, and what better day to introduce this than on St Georges Day!  

“We are wanting to make more of a weekend of entertainment next year, but thought we couldn’t let this year go without marking the occasion.   

“We have close ties with a few avid fans of this genre of music and they have given us the thumbs-up for the chosen line up, so we are happy that this St Georges Day Festival will be authentic to the style of music we have decided to go with. 

Susan added: “We want to put time and effort into growing this event and hopefully in a couple of years it will be a firm favourite date in the Northern Soul / Mod calendar.” 

During the one-day festival, Mod revival band Secret Affair will headline at Preston Guild Hall. The line-up will also include favourites The Lambrettas. 

Ian Page, lead singer with Secret Affair, said it should be important to celebrate the dragon-slaying George. He said: “Like many English people, I am always surprised that the other home nations seem to embrace celebrating their patron saints, while we almost seem embarrassed to do so because it might be seen to have certain connotations. But it should be celebrated and we’re certainly going to give it a good show.” 

Doors will open at 7pm with the show starting at 7.30pm. 

Tickets are on sale now. For more information see the Guild Promotions Facebook page or follow @guildpromotions on Twitter.

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