Monday, 30 March 2015

Video Of Toddler Singing Paul Weller Goes Viral

Watch as 3-year-old Johanna Connolly from Dublin nails Paul Weller’s ‘Uh Huh Oh Yeah’ 

Most 3-year-olds are learning how to sing nursery rhymes like Rock A Bye Baby but little Johanna Connolly from Dublin is more of a rock fan. 

The little rock chick is a massive Paul Weller fan and can belt out some of his best known hits like a pro. 

Her mother Martha captured her singing ‘Uh Huh Oh Yeah’ on video and posted it to Facebook where it got tens of thousands of shares. 

What is amazing about her performance is how the 3-year-old can keep time with the song. 

And while she may not have all the words of the song down to a tee, what she lacks in pronunciation she makes up for in attitude, shaking her head in time like a seasoned festival goer. 

Her performance has even drawn praise from Weller’s wife, her mother told the Daily Edge.

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