Sunday, 8 March 2015

Pretty Green clothing company on coming to Margate and all things Mod

WHAT inspired the shoot in Margate? 

Our spring/summer campaign March of the Mods was inspired by the infamous bank holiday riots between Mods and Rockers in the summer of 1964. 

Pretty Green is a brand steeped in rock and roll history and this seemed like a particularly significant time when the youth of Britain were expressing their sense of style in a tribal way. 

The riots happened in several British seaside towns. Brighton in particular has a strong association due to the iconic Quadrophenia film. 

However, it seemed that Margate had fallen under the radar and we wanted to bring to life the incredible Mod history that this seaside town has to share. 

We were interested to find out more about the Mods and Rockers in the 1960s, what influenced the way they dressed and how much fashion really meant to them. 

The original Mods and Rockers from Margate who were there in 1964 shared their stories of the riots, including throwing deckchairs, arrests and sleeping overnight in parkas on the beach 

What we found was a deep-rooted desire to 'be different', especially in Mod culture where every day was a new opportunity to refresh your look, whether it was clothing or scooters, it was about being way out ahead of the curve. 

This sense of individuality and personal style is also a key component of the Pretty Green ethos. We strive to deliver clothes that excite our customers and engage their passion for how they want to look and how clothes make them feel. The birth of Mod culture is one of the key moments in British history that continues to evolve and remains close to the heart of Pretty Green. 

Margate has suffered years of neglect but is on the up. What are your impressions of the town today? 

Margate has a rich heritage from its heyday in the Victorian era when it was a popular holiday location, with its grand Winter Gardens theatre, pier and lido to the infamous Mod and Rocker riots. 

Although some of the original Victorian structures have been partly lost, the town is working hard to regenerate and preserve its unique history. 

These days Margate has the Turner gallery opened in 2011 by famous artist and former Margate resident Tracey Emin, the iconic Dreamland park is set to reopen soon and the sandy beaches, Botany Bay in particular, put Margate on the map as a great British seaside town to visit. 

How long did you spend in Margate? Were you surprised by anything here? 

We spent three days shooting our campaign in Margate and really enjoyed the atmosphere of the town. 

We were taken to visit the Shell Grotto which is a cave deep underground covered in elaborate decorations made of over four million shells. It was very unexpected and amazing to see. 

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