Thursday, 5 March 2015

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"If you have a passion for obscure R&B and Soul 45s then you've come to the right place! 

We are U.K. based, and specialize mainly in 50s/60s Rhythm & Blues and Soul 45s. 

Many R&B/Soul 45s are often described by sub-genres, such as New Breed, Northern Soul, Popcorn, etc.... moreso when DJs on these various scenes popularise such 45s in their playlists. 

Other styles of music are also collected on these respective scenes, so you will find 45s listed on this site that may not necessarily be R&B or Soul as such...Rockin' Instrumentals, Latin and Jazz to name a few! 

Rather than having multiple sections listing all these various genres, we prefer to keep the site as basic as possible. Therefore, just a couple of general categories will be used, each one covering a few or more genres. 

Please feel free to PLAY soundclips that interest you....that's why they are there! 

All soundclips and label scans are taken from the actual 45 listed for sale, and are not modified or enhanced in any way. If any soundclips do not play, please let me know as soon as possible so I can resolve the problem. 

We plan to update the site monthly, and hope you will return to view whats new! 

Please also note, this is a LIVE SITE, so all 45s listed are currently in stock and available unless a SOLD banner is showing. So no need to contact me to enquire if LIVE 45s are available, just go ahead and purchase!"

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