Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Davies’ sibling rivalry will be front and center of the new Kinks biopic by Bill Gibron

Music fans, especially those versed in the original British Invasion of the ’60s, know two things about The Kinks. First, their main songwriter, Ray Davies, is right up there with Lennon and McCartney in crafting some of the era’s most endearing and creative pop of all time, and second, he can’t stand his brother Dave. Their sibling rivalry recalls the Gallaghers and Oasis, except with more animosity and more talent. So naturally, when thinking potential Kinks biopic, the Davies’ dilemma has to be front and center. 

Well now, supposedly, it is. According to a report in Stereogum, Julien Temple (of ‘The Great Rock and Roll Swindle,’ and ‘The Filth and the Fury’ fame) is prepping such an overview, with his daughter Juno set to play the role of Ray’s ex-wife Raza. British singer/songwriter Johnny Flynn will play the lead Kink and, as for Dave, stage star George Mackay will bring him to cinematic life. The producers have even managed to obtain the rights to the band’s back catalog and there are reports that both Ray and his brother will work on the film together (their decades-long acrimony ended a while back). 

Still, for a group that set the sonic landscape a-fire with such hits as ‘You Really Got Me,” “All Day (and All of the Night),” and “Lola,” this is a major cultural coup. Indeed, an act hasn’t really arrived as part of a medium’s legacy until someone wants to tell their story. As for The Kinks themselves, they have always been seen as a bit of a Ray Davies solo outlet. While Dave helped with many of the songs, he’s been pushed to the background over his brother. Could that be the reason for the interpersonal squabbling? The Kinks biopic will let us know once it’s released. Production should begin sometime later this year.

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