Sunday, 26 January 2014

Anniversary exhibition appeal to Mods and Rockers by the Isle of Thanet Gazette

"CALLING all Mods and Rockers! Margate needs stories and pictures from locals who were part of the infamous seaside gatherings in 1964.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the event the Margate Museum wants to exhibit photos and share stories from business owners, residents and day trippers who were there.

Mods and seaside trippers Val Weedon and John Hellier were among the many people who visited Margate from the decade of cool.

Val, 63, said: "Although I was a Mod in 1964, I was only 14 and living in Chesterfield at the time. Moved back to London in 1965 and I went to Margate a lot after that!"

John Hellier is based in Essex and is the biographer of Small Faces frontman and Mod legend, Steve Marriott.

The Mod movement was characterised by young working-class Brits who had money in their pockets.

Rockers in leathers and motorbikes stayed faithful to 1950s music.

The two groups clashed in the early 1960s culminating in violent skirmishes, most notably in Margate and Brighton.

Do you have any photos?
Please contact us at: or call Ian Dickie on 01843 231213."

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